Toilet with the strongest flush

toffee-elApril 5, 2012

The toilet in my master bath has been backing up, it can't even handle any 'mid-sized' job. It's a 12" American Standard one piece design. It clogged up regularly.

The house has home warranty so the plumbers came and changed the internal stuff to give the toilet a strong flush but still too weak even to handle anything of size.

Any recommendation on the strongest flushing toilet? The home warranty is replacing it and I don't mind to pay a bit more to get a permanent solution.

Thanks for helping.

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You can't improve the "strength" of the flush by putting in new "internal parts"; the best you could expect is to have it operate as it did originally if the parts replaced were defective. There could be a number of other reasons the toilet you have is not working well, and that would relate to obstructions somewhere in the trap or further down, as well as obstructions to the holes on the underside of the rim...which could be clogged with mineral deposits. If you are not going to investigate this further, and are putting in a new toilet, get one that gets good reviews, like a Toto, which has a larger diameter trap. My three Totos have never clogged in 7 years. Below is a link to a reliable web site which ranks quite a few toilets as to their operating efficiency.

One last thing: if you replace the toilet, you should check for obstructions in your existing plumbing after you remove the old one. That would be a visual inspection looking down the existing 4" pipe, and you could even pour a couple of gallons down the pipe quickly to make sure it's free flowing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Terry Love Plumbing - Toilet Reviews

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

I like (and have) the Gerber "Avalanche: toilet. You might wanna look into it.

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Jack Kennedy

we have a house full of Kohler cat 5 toilets. Nothing clogs them at all.... However, the wash down on the bowls is terrible. You'll have to keep a toilet brush nearby if you want a spotless bowl.

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Toto toilets are great and you can get them with a "Sanagloss" finish on the inside of the porcelain that practically makes them self-cleaning aside from the occasional streak...


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If the line is 4" that fact itself could be contributing to the flush problems,,,for a 1.6gpf flush toilet the drain line should be 3"

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4" and the newer water saving toilets are not compatible?

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Back in the mid 80's when they first introduced the 1.6gpf toilets nearly everybody was having problems with them, and as a result many toilets were belittled as ineffective but within a short period of time they discovered the problem was not in the toilet.

I know most ppl find it hard to believe, but an oversized line will clog much faster than an properly sized or even undersized line.

When a line is sized correctly a horizontal run of the line will be 1/2full under full load. That provides sufficient depth in the water to carry any suspended solids such as fecal matter, while still leaving the upper half of the pipe open for the free movement of vent air.

If a pipe is oversized the level of the liquid is lower and the suspended solids then slowly drag along the bottom of the pipe and the liquid will flow around it, thus leaving the solids deposited in the pipe. Once the liquid has passed the pipe is full of air and the solids will dry in place and with each successive flush more solids will be retarded at that point until the entire line is clogged. Once the problem was realized they ammended the Plumbing codes so that if a toilet has a flush greater than 1.6gpf it is to be mounted on a 4" line, but toilets with a 1.6gpf or less are to be mounted on a 3" line.

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My problem toilet is on the 2nd floor. May I assume that the clogging ought not occur on the 4" down pipe but more like the 4" horizon one under the house?


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