Removing oiled surface of stone tile

dab07April 20, 2012

Strange question maybe! Twenty years ago I finished new limestone bathroom tile with a natural oil finish, which darkened it. I have to replace a few tiles, and I noticed that the color of many of the original ones has faded. I'd like to strip the oil off the remaining ones to match the faded ones, and use a clear sealer on them.

Anyone know how to accomplish this? I plan to do this myself, not hire someone. My local tile store guy said sanding them can be done but is trickier than it would seem. I can't find any info online... Has anyone done this? What grit would I use? Any special kind of sandpaper? Or would a detergent remove the oil better? Any other ideas?

Thank you.

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"Or would a detergent remove the oil better? "

Any oil 20 years old is hardened and not going to wash off.

There is also likely no solvent you want to use indoors that can even attack a 20 year old "oil finish," especially without damaging limestone.
You are probably looking at paint stripper or MEK type solvents.

If it is fired tile meant to look like limestone it might be a little more damage resistant.

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Thank you. It's real honed limestone. Do you know anything about sanding it off? The alternative is to use the same product I used 20 years ago to match, but i don't really want that look anymore, and the product doesn't seem to exist anymore anyway. So I'd like to get the stone back to its natural color.

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