Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaners?

shortyboomJuly 11, 2009

We have all stainless steel appliances (frig, dishwasher, range, microwave). Any recommendation on good cleaners? Thanks!

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After trying several products over the years, all with limited success, we started using Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish a couple of years ago. Bingo! Great stuff! We get it at WalMart. We also found that using cloth baby diapers works the best. After spraying the polish on the appliance, we use one diaper to spread the polish and another one to buff. That second buffing cloth is key: needs to be very clean and dry. No fabric softener when washing them. Good luck!

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"Sheila Shine" is a great product. A little goes a long way. I learned of this through my housekeeper. I can't find it locally, but have to purchase it over the internet.

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I use the weiman cleaner as well and found that microfiber cloths make a big difference. For light cleaning, I've had some success with the pledge stainless wipes.

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shiela shine . It stinks but works well.

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Microfiber cloths and warm water. This is actually the answer I found on this forum when we purchased stainless appliances last year. It's easy, convenient, very low cost, and no need to use any chemicals.

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I use Stainless Steel Cleaning Polish by Cerama Bryte. And I use a microfiber cloth to apply it.

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The Advantage rec is spam.

The brown can Pledge works well enough, although I wouldn't say I love it. I do like it better than the Weiman wipes. I've heard a commercial product called Spray[something], I think, works well. I've seen it before in restaurant kitchens, it's in a mostly plain white can with either red or blue writing.

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I'll second the microfiber cloths suggestion as well as using some club soda in a spray bottle before wiping down. This has worked great for my stainless steele and chrome as well.

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