Who loves their Wolf gas cooktop?

fern10April 17, 2012

After reading numerous reviews about different cooktops, I believe I am ready to place my order for a Wolf 36" cooktop with a local dealer. I keep thinking maybe I should order a Thermador instead. I need help. Will I love my Wolf? Thank you!

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We've had our Wolf 30" cooktop for 5+ years and have not had a single problem. Don't think you can go wrong with either brand, but the fact that all of Wolf's burners can simmer is one huge plus that Thermador can't match.

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Thank you. That is a great point about the Wolf. Never had a cooktop before so it has been a challenge to pick the right one. Now I have to choose a double oven. ugh!!

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Before I switched gears to a rangetop, I had decided on the Wolf cooktop after a lot of research on burners. My former GC has one that his wife raved about. I can't speak to IRL experience though.

As far as ovens, I love my Wolf Series L for even baking. Even the darling little timer sound charms me. Silly, I know.

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Thank you. I would love to have a matching Wolf wall oven but my budget is limited. I can get a great deal on a Kenmore Elite but am concerned with the reliability. I don't bake alot just during holidays.

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Fern, read deeageaux's post he just made on CR: Wolf ovens. He mentions the Kenmore Elite.

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I have had a 36" thermador for the last 4 years and have had a couple of issues with the one of the ignitors not sparking, but the repair was simple. This biggest pain is trying to keep the crevices clean on the star burners. It simply is not possible. If it ever dies, I will probably go with a wolf range top, but then its open vs. closed burners....Hmmm

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