Porcelanosa tile online???

lexmomof3April 24, 2013

Has anyone found an online dealer for Porcelanosa tile at less that MSRP?

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You might have luck going to or calling a Porcelanosa store. We were working with a local tile store, but we wanted to see a larger sample of the mosaic tile that we had seen at our local store, as well as get more info about the tile. We were quoted a discount of 35% off the retail price (which our tile place, as an authorized distributor of Porcelanosa, price-matched).

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So the Porcelanosa store quoted 35% off of retail? Thanks for the suggestion.

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Yes, though this was three years ago.

I had called asking about finding images of the tile grouted (our tile store only had the small sample board with ungrouted tile). During the course of our conversation, he person with whom I spoke told us he could give us the 35% discount. I had let him know up front that we had seen the tile at the privately owned tile store we were using, and that we would have to give them the opportunity to match the discount. We didn't think they would be able to match it, but had to at least ask.

Much to our surprise, our tile place matched the discount, so we ordered it through them. The gentleman at Porcelanosa very graciously sold us a few add'l field tiles, and another sheet or more of the mosaic (both from the same "lot #'s as our original order) at the discounted price when we ran just short during tiling and needed that extra tile pronto, and from the same lots.

(Luckily we live within driving distance of two Porcelanosa showrooms)

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Check plumtile.com , they carry it online.

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Thanks, do you know if their prices are less than MSRP? They don't list their price online.

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No I don't , but usually these sites online are below MSRP . Give them a call and ask for a quote. I talked to them one time and I have a feeling that they negotiate their prices . It's a good idea to get a quote from somewhere else before calling them , I think they match prices. Good luck .

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We purchased tile through lacastellon.com; we picked it up "will call" at Porcelanosa, DalTile, and Bedrosians. They can be a bit unresponsive at times, but it really did save quite a bit, even a bit cheaper than "contractor" price.

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I just want to give my review of Plumbtile. I am in the process of a bathroom remodel. The contractor actually started demo yesterday. I ordered Porcelanosa tiles from Plumbtile with other items from other vendors (quality bath, signature hardware, buytile.com, etc) last Monday.

So far, all the items beside the Porcelanosa tiles are either here in my garage right now or in transit. The only thing I got from Plumbtile after over a week of wait time was an email telling me that my tiles are back ordered for 2 months. They can't tell me that one or two days after I placed my order? I only ordered from them because they told me the items were in stock. I even have the order form that say items were in stock and should arrive in 7-10 business days. Now I am scrambling and still not sure how I am going to get the tiles that I love.

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I ended up ordering my tile directly from Porcelanosa. It was about $100 more expensive, but I got the tiles in 4 business days. As for Plumbtile, its a highly questionable business and I do not recommend it to anyone here. My credit card was charged immediately after I placed my order even though the items weren't shipped or in stock. A week after I canceled my order with Plumbtile, I still have not receive a refund. Their representative can contact you through phone calls or emails, but its pretty much impossible to contact them because most of the calls go directly to an answering machine. I think I will have file a dispute with my credit card company if I can't get any answers from them.

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