I stained my toilet trying to clean it!

everydayclaireJuly 11, 2009

I have white toilets; I believe they are porcelain, but I'm not sure (I'm a renter). A ring appeared in the toilets at the top of the water. I poured a bucket full of water into the toilet to get the water level very low. I used a scrubby sponge and Comet to remove the ring, which worked for the most part. But the scrubber wasn't scrubby enough to remove it 100%. I really hated to leave it not quite clean enough, so I used what I thought was steel wool on just a few small spots. I actually read the box afterward and it was a stainless steel cleaner from Brawny. It must have had chemical or product on it because even though the rest of the ring was removed, it left a gray stain in the toilet bowl. Interestingly enough, it only stained the bowl exactly where the water always is, not above. I tried more Comet to remove the gray stain which did not work. Then I tried bleach, which also did not work. I searched the internet and found nothing; apparently no one is as foolish as me! Any advice?

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Sounds like you scratched the porcelain coating on the toilet bowl. I've done the same thing. It's gray or silverish underneath. No way I know of fixing it. You may have to replace the toilet. Sorry.

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For future reference, vinegar is a great remover of water rings caused by calcium, lime and rust build-up.

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DH did the same thing when he was trying to unclog the toilet. Go to HD and buy "Barkeepers Friend". It's packaged similar to Comet. It works like a charm.

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Barkeepers friend is the best thing since sliced bread and the wheel! I too scratched up my white bowl. the only thing that worked was this stuff, get it you wont be sorry!! All my marks have disappeared and the bowl looks new.

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