Does tile have to be white/neutral?

coolbeanswApril 7, 2012

Conventional wisdom says keep the tile white or neutral and add color that is easy to change (e.g., paint and accessories). So I have hauled home a dozen white tile samples and . . . am totally underwhelmed. My thinking all along has been a grey, pale robin's egg blue, and white color scheme -- white fixtures, white wetroom wall tile, grey floors, and blue painted walls -- but now I'm second-guessing everything. Style is sleek and modern. Would colored tile -- probably grey, but (ahem!) maybe even blue, be a mistake?

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Not necessarily, I am doing a black and white scheme in 2 baths right now and DROOLING over some of the colored tile choices I'm too much of a chicken to use.

The scheme you are talking about is relatively neutral, it's a far cry from mint and lemon tiles or 13 shades of Cheetoh orange. I would go forward if you love the colors.

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I think it would be a lovely, refreshing change from all the white/beige tiles that everyone seems to be using. Sometimes I wonder if 30 or 40 years from now a new generation won't be moving into our houses and posting pictures on GW of the hideous (to them) beige bathrooms asking for advice. Kind of like the pink bathrooms that get posted here once in a while.

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I think your color scheme sounds very relaxing. We have beige and navy blue tiles in our master bathroom. The floor is grey marmoleum. We have been told our room is serene.

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There is an exquisite house that has just come up for sale in our neighborhood, 82 years old, 1500 sq. ft., and lovingly tended and decorated by its owners. It's priced at $995,000 and will go into a bidding war and will sell for over a million. (Most homes in our area are NOT in that league.) Should mention that it also has superb gardens.

The second bathroom, remodeled four years ago, with shower, toilet and pedestal sink, and original window and recessed medicine cabinet, has its floor pitched so that there is no barrier between shower and the other space. Just one frameless piece of glass to contain almost all the water in the shower.

Anyway, the owner, a retired decorator, tiled the four walls of this bathroom from floor to about 4 1/2 ft. up in a lush glossy rose-burgundy, very vibrant. She topped the tile with three decorative strips, one a soft abstract floral, one a matching basketweave, and on top, an elaborate curved finishing strip. Then she found ceramic accessories in the same rose - soap dishes, a corner wedge for a shampoo bottle, t.p. holder, and towel racks. On the floor she put a small simple mosaic in a lighter rose. I wish I had pictures. This BR is a show-stopper! It's hard to imagine a woman who wouldn't feel like a princess in this room. I am imagining those whippersnappers on HGTV's House Hunters taking a look and muttering "dated". Good! Let them move on.

Bathrooms do not have to be white or beige or gray. They can be any color you like/love. And a good tile guy can work wonders with an original design!

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You only live once. I'd go for the color. I have a cobalt blue bathroom that I still love after 18 years.

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I did our hall bath with blue-green floor tiles. I love it so much more than our neutral master bath. It gets more compliments from guests, too.

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Oh my, I didn't anticipate such support! Thank you. The bathroom we're about ready to redo is beige beige and beige. The only thing I'm sure of so far is that there will be zero beige.

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I'm having the same dilemma. I did find one white tile that I really love - Cubica by Porcelanosa. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do, but I brought a sample home just to try, and it looks so cool! If you have it at the tile store you use, check it out! Pictures on the internet really don't do it justice!

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Therenee, yes, Cubica is one of my samples. I am intrigued by it, but wonder how easy it will be to keep clean. And the three people I've shown it to have said, "Ick.". Also have Porcelanosa's white squares. Have you looked at that?

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