Non-Flush transition between hardwood and tile

nhbasketsMarch 20, 2014

Stopped by our new house on Tuesday and found that the transition between the hardwood and tile in all areas is not flush. The tile is noticibly (~1/4") lower than the hardwood. Given this is new construction, I assumed it not rocket science for the two surfaces to be flush. I immediately emailed our realtor to point this out and was told that the developers PM would check it out the next day. Last evening I received an email stating that the PM agreed this was not right and both the hardwood flooring company and the tiler would be spoken to and it would be resolved.

Short of tearing up the tile (which had just been grouted on Tuesday), what are the options? My husband thinks if they bevel the hardwood, that might work. What I don't want is a threshold between the two.

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You can probably find a solution here:

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Sophie Wheeler

That is an expensive PIA upgrade that has to be done atthe DESIGN phase with all floring materials selected in advance so the architect can specify the different subfloor heights. At this stage, you're going to have transitions. It's too late for anything else.

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They could have done a mortar bed below the tile to build it up to the hardwood height. If over a basement, then the floor should have been designed to account for this weight.

We ripped out thick ugly Saltillo tile and put in a much thinner porcelain. The tile guys had no problem doing a mortar base and perfectly leveling to match the hardwood floor. It is NOT rocket science, really! Inexcusable in a new house.

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Our last house had a smooth transition between tile and hardwood. It was built with the flooring in mind. I'm not sure how they did it but it looked great. Our current house has had the flooring redone in rooms by the previous owners. There's a noticeable transition between the tile and hardwood. I can't wait for it to be replaced with all hardwood. It seems inexcusable in a brand new house. Hopefully something can be done.

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