Boyfriend works at chicken factory. Laundry smells like death.

corinnemartineJuly 22, 2013

My boyfriend started a new job in a factory that processes chicken blood and guts. I have never smelled anything so horrible in my life.

Not sure if anything would be more effective than others as far as ph's all that stuff goes.

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I knew a man who owned a salvage yard and his wife insisted he buy another washer to use for his clothes only. You could of course take his to a laundry but that would be kind of bad for others that use that machine.

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You are probably going to get your best results using a pre-soak (at least 15-30 minutes or even overnight), using something like Washing Soda, Borax, Biozap, BIZ, or white vinegar. Follow the instructions on the packages. If you need to remove blood from fabrics first, soak it in salt-water. You may want to use 5-gallon buckets for soaking the clothes, rather than your washing machine. -Grainlady

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Definitely DON'T use your washer for soaking. Leaving water in the washer will cause it to rust and will eventually ruin the gaskets. For really gross washes, I take stuff to the local laundromat. They have extra-capacity Heavy-duty machines plus their spin cycle is super strong, things come out spun nearly dry. . And you're using their water and electricity,not your own. If a machine breaks, you don't have to fix it. Well worth the cost. My local laundromat charges $2.25 for a small washer (the same load size as my home washing machine) , more for the larger machines. I use a large plastic bag and bring things home to dry, either on my outdoor clothesline or in my indoor gas clothes dryer. Good luck!

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