Removing large sticker from light finished wood

blueiris24July 29, 2014

I have put this off for years because I didn't want to ruin the footboard but now we're redoing my son's room and it has to go. For whatever reason, the manufacturer put a huge sticker on the inside of my son's wooden bed frame. It is light maple. I need to get it off of there, it looks terrible. But when I look online I get conflicting information - some sites tell me to use vinegar -- some say use Goof Off, others say don't use that, it will ruin the finish, use WD40 instead, others say to use something called Un-Do Adhesive?.....

Does anyone know the best thing to use that won't ruin the wood?

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Can you heat it with a hair dryer and gently pull it off?

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I don't think so bbstx, it's been on there a long time - I tried getting it off just gently once before but it didn't peel off as one piece, just little pieces would come off

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