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swest2_gwMay 19, 2013

I read in our local paper that we are getting a Hobby Lobby just in time for Christmas. I know a lot of you find great buys there.

What is the best thing you ever bought at Hobby Lobby?

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LOVE Hobby Lobby.

Can't think of just one thing; but, they ALWAYS have a coupon on line for 40% off. I have the site bookmarked on my phone and pull it up while in line. I've never been questioned.

Making window treatments for my home and ordered 80 yards of fringe at 9.99 a yard. had to be special ordered, was considered one cut so I got 40% off the whole 80 yards.

Come to think of it, that was probably my BEST buy. lol

Be sure to go back a week or two after any holiday...they mark seasonal items down to 90% off. Always pick up for next year.


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swest, Hobby Lobby opened a store in my area last fall' the store is huge. I bought pretty white ornaments for my Christmas tree.

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That's a dangerous store, haha. Especially with their Christmas in July sale on decorations!!

So much neat decor stuff for home and garden and holidays....dangerous, I tell you!
You're going to LOVE it.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

The first time I went into our new Hobby Lobby I knew I was in trouble!! LOL It is a great store, but, as Purplemoon says, it's dangerous! SO many beautiful things! You'll enjoy the new store I'm sure!

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You WILL LOVE it!!! Yes, use the coupons can even print them off ...but can only be used on regular priced items ... each week they sale price many items in the store! Love it!

Can't think of just 'one' thing ... but I love buying the cast iron for using in garden decor ... like the 'bunnies' ... windchimes...that type of thing.

Oh, you'll just love it...but you'll have to make a 'budget' plan! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Like GG, I like to buy fabric and trim at Hobby Lobby. If you sign up, they send you email coupons every week. I print them and use them for most purchases, if the item is not already on sale. Several times a year (right now), they clearance out a lot of home decor, for 60% + off. If I am ever in the market for candle holders etc., I just wait...they will be on sale soon!!
Blessings to you,

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Not yet made a purchase. Wondering, what is in store after reading comments :)))).. It seems to be good............

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