replacement shower head - too heavy??

janeb_mdApril 9, 2012

we wanted to replace a 20-year old shower head with a new, more forceful model. However, the one I ordered (a Jaclo) is about 1.5 pounds heavier than the existing head, and my husband is concerned that it will put too much pressure on the shower arm. Has anyone else run into this? Is he being overly-cautious?

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He's being overly cautious. The arm is a metal pipe. You'll put more than 1 lb of pressure on it just adjusting the head. No problem .

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janeb, are you replacing the arm yourself? Due to a snag in the action and needing a working shower, my old arm got put back on. :(

I think a new arm is beyond me however, as I believe there are valves etc...

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no, we want to keep the arm - just screw on a new shower head.

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