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elk2000April 18, 2012


I am planning to remodel my son's bathroom. It is small,and has bathtub only. The tub has very cheap appliances so all will be replaced. What I want to have is: a rain shower head with shower arm, a separate handheld shower next to it, new tub spout and faucet. So, 3 ways to get water. I don't need setup to get water from more than one output at the time. I also don't want tub spout with built-in diverter. Please help me determine what appliances I actually need to control where the water is coming from. Are there tub faucets that have built in 3 way diverter or it has to be all separate?

I'll be getting some plumbing estimates, but don't want to appear absolutely clueless :-)


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This is helpful if you haven't seen it yet. see the link below. Mongoct has a lot of info in this post and may be of help.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ for Dummies ;)

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I did review it. Great info! Thank you!

Can someone recommend 3 way diverter so that it controls tub spout, shower head and hand-held shower? Are there shower faucets with built-in 3-way diverter or I have to purchase it separately? Don't really want to make more than 1 hole for shower trim. I've read recommendations for Simmons brand, but couldn't see if they have 3-way switches.

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What type of bathtub is it? It is a stand alone or one that is embedded between the walls of the bathroom with the shower attached to a wall?

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It's a standard embedded between the walls buthtub. Yes, showers are attached to the wall.

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