oysterolApril 16, 2014

I have read every Amazon review in trying to decide on a microwave purchase..ALL of them seem to be terrible..and share my same experinece with others on replacing an older microwave that lasted 10-15 years.with new ones lasting an average of only 2-5 years..Why such a drop in reliability...Does anyone have any verifiable repair data that would indicate what the least repair prone brands are...or ones that are significanly worse...or is it just a crap shoot?


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The vast majority of MWs are made by Sharp and often rebranded. I believe that GE and Panasonic make MWs as well. Like all commodities these days, people want low prices and to compete, manufacturers cut corners to cut costs.

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All products on amazon have a range of reviews - even the best products will have their share of 1-star reviews. Some of the bad reviews are simply because the product arrived late - I'm not joking. Also, people who are happy don't post nearly as often as people who are unhappy. Nonetheless, it is true that quality and reliability of nearly everything has gone way down.

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There is a saying, if you have a negative experience you will tell ten people, if you have a positive experience you tell one. Don't ignore the reviews just keep them in perspective.

I was worried about ge microwaves based on online reviews. Then I asked here on this forum and got positive responses. I bought the mw and am happy with it.

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