help me with these bathroom paint colors and finishes (x-post)

enduringApril 14, 2012

Thanks you for taking the time to read this post. I am cross posting it in the Bathroom forum too.

Some of you may have seen my bathroom remodel plan. Here it is in another stage of development - color. I have all the tile (walls-white field, floor-black slate, listello-mixture of whitish blue almost onyx like marble) and soapstone and I am trying to settle on paint and the color of my tub.

I have 2 paint colors selected here that I think will go together. The wall color is BM Metallic Silver. I plan to paint it at the 4' mark above the white tile wainscot and onto the ceiling. The ceiling is 7' tall only. I have wanted to paint my cabinet, that will hold my soapstone sink, in another color to add interest. The stone has a mossy green, whitish tan veining mixed in the standard dark gray of the soapstone. The green I picked looks very nice with the stone and the marble listello, it is BM Iced Marble.

So my questions are:

1) What do you think of this mix of the 2 paint colors, BM Metallic Silver and BM Iced Marble? In my elevation I tried to depict the colors as best I could.

2) What do you think of the Kohler Sea Salt finish for the tub that will be next to the white tile? The other very tiny sample of Kohler finish in upper left corner is their standard white. I love the Sea Salt and it looks wonderful with the marble and the soapstone. Both of the samples, Sea Salt and White, have a slight warm off white color to them. The Sea Salt has a webbing of white overlaying the warm under tone. Both look good with the white I think. But, is it too much? And is it just not the best with the white field tile that will sit next to it in the alcove?

Elevation of my plan:

Color and materials for my BR remodel:

Sea Salt finish on the Kohler tub I am considering:

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Enduring I am loving that bathroom already! I
think I would go with just the white tub its classic and more what you would find in the old house with an original
soapstone sink. I love soapstone and that sink wil be the focal point in your bathroom.
Paint colors are so hard completely depends on the light in the room and how it looks when everything is installed.
I changed out my kitchen paint 4 times and ended up with different paint colors on two walls because lighting made it look too dark.
What fixture finish is going on the sink?

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Ppbenn, thanks for the response. Paint is so funny. I look at it and look at it...on the wall...on my painted and night. I am so sympathetic towards you for having painted all of those times in your kitchen, but I can understand the need for color perfection.

The soapstone sink will be new. I got the idea to make it myself after I fashioned my own soapstone counters (with the help of my DH for the heavy lifting and strategic planning). NOBODY wanted to help me so we were on our own. I loved working on the stuff so I will make my own sink for the bathroom. I think I am a natural sculptor. After I get back from a retreat at the end of April I will start on this remodel and the sink build. The carpenter will build my sink cabinet sort of like I've drawn. I want the sink to function as a nice bathroom sink and a laundry sink. This room is a hard working room in our home. Hope it all works out.

The faucet will be a Hansgrohe wall mount Montreux, in chrome. The spout actually adjust from 6-8" from the wall, which is perfect for me since I will be building my own sink and lord knows where the drain will end up :) Initially I wanted to go with brushed nickel for the warm look, but I got a good deal on the bath filler in chrome, so chrome it was. I am happy with this cause I like the shine.
Here is the faucet for the sink:

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