Help with Harry's nursery! inspiration pics included

graceshanMarch 25, 2012

We are in the midst of choosing paint colors and I'm having a hard time figuring out what color to paint Harry's nursery. The only item that we have so far is this rocker/glider and ottoman in green. We bought the green chair long before Harry came along and didn't really think about having to plan a nursery around it. Go figure... :)

We've been using a small bassinet in our apartment while building the house so I don't even have a crib yet.

All the other colors in the house will be grays/blues/greens/yellows and very coastal feeling. Here are some inspiration photos I like of nurseries.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what color wall paint to do. The floors will be dark oak hardwoods. At first I was thinking yellow and then doing blue accents somewhat nautical themed. But the green chair is doing a number on me... so I'm thinking blues/greens/yellows but can't figure out what color to paint the room to get this ball rolling. Any suggestions?

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Congratulations on Harry! I know you are just so excited to get the nursery put together!! Enjoy him as much as you can while you can, because they don't stay little for long!

We had ordered a light green chair similar to yours for our son's nursery. For the walls, we opted for a soft yellow color that we ragged on the bottom 1/2 of the walls and we found a light blue wallpaper with crescent moons and stars on it for the upper part of the wall. We put the coordinating white border with moons & stars & a lullaby rhyme on it around the room at the juncture of the two. The chair color would have been perfect--but we had problems with the delivery and we finally had to give up on getting it. So basically, I think your thought process of greens, blues and yellows is the right direction to go. Since the chair is a light green, I would stay within the soft/light shades of those colors.

Hope this helps!

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How about yellows? Maybe something in the golden category?
While I love the soothing tones of the second photo, I can't help thinking that it's more of an adult room and I can't picture trucks and duplo blocks spread out on the floor.
I had 4 sons and never wanted to paint soon so tried to keep the wall color as something that would be okay with them for many years. I just changed the drapes, bedding etc and it became a nice space for all the way through grade school.
congrats again on little Harry! Share another pic when you have a minute to get your breath!! :)

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Oh and if you post over in the home decorating forum, I bet you'll get loads of great help!!

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What if you carry one of the gray colors in there and then just accent with other colors? I suggest that bc once my boys grew out of the yellows/greens, I had to repaint. And, really, the room didn't need repainting if the color I originally picked would have worked with them 3 years later! And, I ended up repainting to a gray that goes with every baseball or basketball team they love!

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I would pick a neutral and then add pops of accent color with accessories. Or maybe and accent wall. That way if you or he tire of the decor you don't have to repaint. The last one with the wall decals is my favorite. Very versatile.

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Great ideas. Thank you!

I'm thinking about starting by finding a rug that has some of the green in it with other colors I like and then pulling a neutral color off it to paint with (yellowish or gray/taupe). Then if we have another baby, we can move Harry to the guest room and keep 2nd baby in first room too regardless of boy/girl.

I really appreciate the help. Thanks SO much!!

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Call me crazy but I fell in love with this wall mural and it's the exact same size as Harry's wall, so I'm going for it! My green chair will fit right in and I'm thinking about a blue/gray wall.

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I love it! Very unique and will let you have misc pops of color throughout the room...good find!

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Nice mural! I'd pick out the most neutral color and paint the remaining walls the light beige/taupe of the sky. Then you can have the green chair, blue bedding, red and gold accents...pretty much any color will work with a neutral background...and the mural will always be the 'star' of the room.

It might be fun to repeat some of the items in the mural, in other parts of the room, too. Maybe have the toy chest or toddler bed, look like the boat. Stuffed animals that are similar to the animals in the mural, maybe even some 'leaf print' fabrics, at the windows. Have fun with the new room! :)

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I love your ideas lavender lass! Thanks so much :)

I was thinking greyish blue so the walls/ceiling feel like the sky all around it, but you might be right about using a taupe color instead so the mural stands out more. Here are a couple I'm looking at. Are they too dark? What do you think? (can you tell I need help??) :)

Here's a close up of the mural for reference:

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Grace- I love the third picture. It's in my idea book. Love your glider. So much more comfy than the rocking chairs.

OT--since you just had a baby. My oldest dd is 31 and is expecting our first grandchild. She is 14 weeks and needs maternity work clothes for an educational setting. I want to surprise her with a few things. I have looked online, but don't have a clue what young women like. Can you suggest a couple of sites? Thanks.

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Grace- I'm glad you like the ideas!

I would stay with the taupe for the walls...I think it would look better with your rocker, than the blue. But, I would pick a slightly lighter color of the blue, for the ceiling! Harry is going to spend a lot of time looking at it...and maybe a mobile that works with the mural :)

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