Is my bathroom vent working??

library_girlApril 5, 2012

We bought a 73 yr. old house with 2 bathrooms, back to back, almost mirror images. Our ceilings are 7 1/2 ft. One bathroom is 5x7 (263 cf.) with a small shower and toilet and the other is 6x7 (315 cf.) with a tub and toilet. Previous owners installed ceiling vents, but they were just vented to the attic (no ductwork) The fans were very quiet, but I knew they were working because a sheet of tp would stay on the grills.

Because we have very small eaves and a slate roof, I had a slate roofer come out to install vents on the roof. He connected 4" flexible duct to each fan and to the roof vents he installed - which are directly over one of the bathrooms, but the run for each duct is less than 10'. Now, we can hear the fans a little better (not loud, but you do hear something, but the toilet paper will not stay on the grills any longer. Any thoughts as to whether something was done incorrectly? I would have thought the suction would be better now, not worse?

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The vents are probably just too weak to deal with the added length of the ducts. It is possible that the new ducts are blocked somehow, either at the new connection or at the vent on the roof.

I'm just shocked someone would vent moisture into their attic.

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venting into the attic was not a good thing!

you might google around and see what you find. have the guy who installed it recheck it?

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