Spring Cloche Directions

oldalgebraMay 4, 2009

I had one of those days yesterday. There aren't many original ideas in my head. I'm mostly a copier - a pretty good one, but a copier none-the-less. So when I saw the picture of the spring cloches that Purplemoon posted, I wanted to copy them.

Well, it turns out that this is a whole lot harder than it looks. I had moss and potpourri everywhere! You can't just shove things in and then rearrange the goofy looking parts, because you can't reach back up inside the cloche without disturbing all the rest of the stuff.

I should have taken a closer look at the original picture. The original shows more space at the top and I think that looks better. But I wasn't about to redo it for the forty-millioneth time.

Here's the directions on how I finally did it. Maybe it will keep you from going crazy.

1. Place the cloche on its side.

2. Put the items in the cloche (again).

3. Hold the plate up to the bottom of the cloche. (How the original was ever done with no plate is beyond me.)

Now this is the most important step.

4. Let out a primal scream as you turn the cloche upright.

5. Whatever it looks like, resign yourself to the fact that it's not going to get any better and put it out for display.

For a while there, I wasn't sure if I wanted to thank Karn for posting the picture or send her off to Crafter's Hell. But in the end, it came out well enough to keep.

P.S. I don't want anyone posting a picture of their spring cloche and claiming they cranked it out in 15 minutes!

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OA, I enjoyed your dissertation on how you made the cloche almost as much as the pic of the final product! LOL! You are very funny! Your spring cloche looks terrific and I like how you filled it up to the top. The nest is "perched" just right. You ARE a good "copier" but I think really, yours is an "original"!


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Well, you convinced me, I am NOT doing it, LOL
But yours looks great...
do you think you could move that one little twig to the left..HAHA..just kidding..
Crafters Hell..yes! Some of the crafts Martha emails me everyday..boy, some people must have a lot of time on their hands! :)

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It looks wonderful...You done a great job...

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Love your 'directions', tho I darn near fell out of my chair laughing when I got to the primal scream part.
So I might be going to Crafters Hell, huh? Too late...
been there, done that. LOL.

I like your cloche better because it doesn't have all that space at the top. I'm a 'more is better' person. And I don't know how the heck you managed to get ALL that stuff in there, arranged so nicely. I'm impressed! And its going in our album!

By the way, I'm a copier too. No one needs "inspiration" more than me. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Crafter's Hell ... HA!
I thought this was the place to 'Inspire'!!
You had me chuckeling out loud..but when I saw what you did, I thought well, I think it was worth it. Looks great to me. Thanks for all the 'painful' tips on what and what not to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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OMG! What a wonderful tutorial you wrote--I was chuckling out loud! It sure turned out pretty and I love all the goodies you put in it. That's a darling little nest too. I've often wondered how some of the cloches were put together--not so easy I see, and you are right about the plate helping.

I remember a Decorating sense segment where they filled a cloche with colored ornaments--I couldn't help but imagine what would happen if someone lifted the cloche!


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. . . do you think you could move that one little twig to the left ?

Kathleen, that's not one bit funny - NOT ONE BIT! (Well, maybe just a teeny bit.)

Good Lord, Luvs, that would be ME! . . I can just see myself getting curious about how the colored-ornaments-in-the-cloche-decoration was put together and lifting it up to check it out. "Say, this is pretty. How'd they do it? Let's see. Looks like .... . . . . Uh, oh!"
Of course, that would only happen to me if I were at a very fancy Christmas party, and everyone was dressed to the nines, sipping cocktails and standing around in little groups discussing the state of the world.

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Very funny, I had never thought about how you'd go about putting this sort of thing together. I may take the cloche off of my wanted list :-) - Gail

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Or my DH! He's had more time on his hands since he retired, and keeps poking into things I'm doing. I had a couple dishes I was gluing to candle holder bases sitting on top of the washer while the glue dried--you guessed it--he came in and said "what's this?" as he picked the dish up off the candlestick. Then the last time I put stacked plates together, I thought I didn't need to secure them together since they'd be on the buffet and no one would touch them--you guessed it, he moved a couple items and the plates started to slide! He now knows to look but don't touch around here! LOL

I must have learned how to make those paper flowers once upon a time. Do you just layer tissue paper, then gather it somehow? They would be fun and colorful for birthday celebrations too I think.


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You've undoubtedly done it before. Google "tissue paper flowers" and you'll get zillions of sets of directions - even a few videos on U-Tube.
Know that 4 or 5 layers of tissue will be enough unless you are making HUGE flowers.
I rounded the ends of my accordion pleated tissue AFTER I wrapped the pipe cleaner around the folded paper but BEFORE I separated the layers.
Nothing to it and it really adds a ton of color.

You've got to start hiding your not-yet-complete craft projects in the back bedroom closet until they're dry.

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It looks great! Your post made me literally laugh out loud. I got a visual of the "Let out a primal scream.."
That's something I would do!

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Harder than it looks huh? From reading your post I think it was worth all YOUR work. We all seemed to enjoy this post soooooooo much at your expense. LOL You are so stinkin' funny and I'm so sorry something this beautiful could be such a pain in the bum.

Now I hope you glued it down before someone like Luvs DH comes along and decides to check it out. Sorry but I'm still laughing so hard, you made my night. Punk

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