Potential problems with 1/16 grout joint?

jaidogApril 19, 2012

I'm using 12x24 rectified porcelain tiles in a shower. The tiles will be stacked on top of each other. I would like to use a 1/16" grout joint.

I've read that lippage may be a problem with a small grout joint and large tile. But, since I'm stacking the tiles, I presume lippage is not an issue in my case. Is this correct?

What problems might I run into with a smaller grout joint such as 1/16" with 12x24 stacked rectified porcelain? I would hate to have a bad-looking tile job due to a small grout joint and will go to 1/8", if necessary.

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No problems. I've had 13" x 39" rectified porcelain tiles installed with 1/16" grout lines in my baths without issues on floated walls - chicken wire + mortar.

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We have 1/16 grout lines in our bathrooms. The MB tub surround has 8x20 tiles, stacked, and they look great. Our tile guys are really meticulous, and extremely careful about avoiding lippage, checking and re-checking as they install the tile. They would pop out a tile and knock down or build up the thinset if they weren't happy with how a tile sat in relation to the surrounding tiles as they were installing. If you have (or are) a good tiler you should be okay (unless tile edges really vary I suppose).

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