Miele Single Induction Burner, no vent - in a corner, bad idea?

CarolNYCApril 16, 2013

Hi, We are thinking of placing a single 12 inch induction burner with no vent in a corner of a kitchen. There would be a window on one side, above the unit. The instructions say the unit can be placed 2 inches from a wall; our placement will be almost 3 inches from the back wall and 2 inches from the side wall. Any ideas please as to whether this is a bad idea? Trying to figure out how much steam there will be and whether it will melt the paint (benjamin moore natura) on the wall and window sill. We haven't cut a whole in the countertop yet for the induction burner.... At this point, there is no other place in the kitchen it can go, so it's here or a return to the store. Thanks!

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I know I am in the minority, but I am not a vent-worrier.
I think there are some folks who think back on their parents homes, etc...and venting was rarely a consideration (granted BTU output was much lower). We have a vent over the island that I almost never turn on *blush* . I have induction.

My biggest comment would be to determine the largest pot or pan you planned to use on the induction unit and make sure it did not bump into the walls. A 12" fry pan still has overhanging sides and would hit the back and side wall, which would mean it could not be centered on the unit.

If that isn't an issue for you, I would not worry about venting (my humble opinion). If you want induction and it doesn't fit there, can you get a portable unit and pull it out when you need it?

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Thanks so much! I think you are right about the venting...I also like your idea about the portable unit though. Just realized that a small prep sink is to the left of the unit so there really won't be a good place to put utensils. Think I am going to try to move electric above counter & go with a portable unit. Thanks again.

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