Old Eureka Canister Vac - Worth $$ to Fix?

gilmoregalJuly 29, 2009

My mother has an old (probably 30 yrs old at least) Eureka canister vacuum w/powerhead which recently lost suction. When I took it to a local vacuum shop, the saleslady said that the motor sounded like it was ready to go out (high pitch sound). She said that they would replace the motor, hose, belt/etc. and clean up the machine for $200. The new motor has only a 30 day warranty.

I am trying to decide if it is worth the investment. I know that many new vacuums are not made nearly as well as some of the older ones ie plastic vs metal case, etc. But $200 is a lot of money to spend, especially if the new motor fails after 30 days or another problem crops up. Maybe that $200 would be better spent on a new vacuum....

I would really appreciate any thoughts or opinions. Thanks!

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Try cleaning it yourself, replace the belt, and check the web for any maintenance manuals you can use tips from. Total risk = cost of belt and new bags.

That high-pitched noise can also come from dirty fan blades and a badly fitting or worn belt.

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We ran into the same issue with my MIL's vacuum and opted for a new one. The newer vacuum cleaners may not last as long as the old ones, but I believe that they do a better job of picking up dirt and have better seals on the machine to keep the dirt from escaping.

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If your Mother's Eureka is indeed 30+ years old, she would have had a canister that would have cleaned very well. Your mother would be better off purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. With the right choice, the new vacuum would clean the same. What would be better with the new is filtration and possibly noise level. Filtration, including bags, have improved, since that Eureka was made. Multilayer filter bags filter much better than the single layer used for your mother's Eureka.

Depending upon which model and brand you look at, canisters with power nozzles can be lighter than that Eureka.

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I have 7 old Eureka canister vac still in good shipe . Know anyone who buys them. Some r very old. Let me know , thank U Rebekah

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Your best place to sell your Eurekas is to put them up for auction on ebay or post them on something like Craigslist, in your area. If you post on here, then get a nible, you and/or the purchaser is 100% responsible. Neither one of you has any recourse, through this site, if you or the other has been "done wrong".

If you place on an auction site, people looking for that particular item will want it and bid or purchase it.

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