soles of slipper messing up floors

sugar_flJuly 3, 2010

My bedroom slippers have BLACK soles & apparently something in the material is rubbing off on my floors. I have several pair different brands doing this. When I scrub the floors my mop is BLACK not like a dirty mop just black. If any water is spilled & walked in there is a mess. I need slippers to wear & can't find any with a different color sole. I just can't wear shoes all day.

Another question.. I live in an apt & have no where to hang a string mop to dry. I need something fairly cheap as I am on a senior fixed income. My sponge mop just doesn't do a good job. What would U recommend?



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I assume you are a man because I know there are plenty of shoes and slippers for women that have white soles. For men, it's more difficult.

Below is a link to with all of the men's slippers. There ARE slippers with light colored soles. A cheaper alternative might be sneakers.

As for the mop, I would switch out to a Rubbermaid roller sponge mop. They are usually for sale at Target, Walmart, etc:

Here is a link that might be useful: men's slippers

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Black rubber soles always mark the floors. It's not true that you can't find anything different. Look in sears and Walmart and you will find lots that don't have those soles. I think you are just fixated on a certain type of slipper. You just have to look around to find some that are just as comfortable without those soles. Both my husband and I gave up black soled slippers after the first pair. He wears moccasin type slippers and I wear whatever takes my fancy as long as the soles aren't black.

I would suggest buying a pail with an attachment that has a clip for your mop and a compartment to squeeze the water out of the mop. When You are finished mopping, throw out the water and stand the mop inside the bucket in the clip and stick it in the corner somewhere.

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NO, I am a woman but have a lot of problems with my feet.
Moccasin type slippers are about all I can wear & be comfortable in. I have bought many sneakers & most are here not worn as they don't feel right. I have looked looked in Walmart but not Sears. These don't leave black marks but just a coating on the floor. It is funny that the floor doesn't look black but looks brown. When I mop it the mop get BLACK. If I wipe up a spot on my kitchen new floor that part of the paper towel is black. I can't even see it black till I mop. I am in Hud senior housing & sure they wouldn't like it if they knew. This is a very nice place to live & looks more like a hotel. The price is right to. The only problem is the apt. is small.. only about 500 sq feet. The other floors are dark brown hard carpet.. I see no black on them but sure it is there. I have lived here almost 5 years & need to get a company to come in & clean it.

As for the mop the pix is basically what I am having to use but don't like it.. sure don't like a wet string mop sitting around. I see quite a few old one in the trash room so some must be using them.
I guess the 1st step is to try & find different slipper & then MAYBE I can get all the black up.

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I used the product called 409 to remove black shoe marks from a white vinyl floor. Spray it on, wait a few minutes, wipe it off. Then a quick rinse.

Are you buying leather sneakers or canvas sneakers?

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If you have wide feet or bunions try men's moccasin slippers. I have wide feet and not many women's shoes or slippers come in wide widths. I gave up buying cheap shoes and have just a few really good pairs of shoes that fit perfectly. I came to the conclusion that it is better to buy 1 good pair that fits good and wear them a long time than to buy cheap ones that kill my feet.

For athletic shoes and slippers I buy Men's. There is not much difference in looks between a man's white athletic shoe and a woman's. The same goes for moccasins. The bonus is that often you can find them on sale--the smaller sizes are usually what's left.

As for the mop, try the pail with the clip. They are not too expensive and you can leave it sitting in a corner until it's dry and then tuck pail and all in a closet until you have to use it again.

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I buy leather sneakers. I am the opposite of pigeon toe (toes point out)what ever that is called & I can't wear a shoe that comes up on my ankles. My favorite walking shoe is one I got at a yard sale the building had. They were diabetic shoes a friend had that were almost them for $1. I am not into buying used shoes but did this time. I NEVER did for my children. After getting these shoes I went to a foot Dr & bought a pair of diabetic shoes.. paid a big price.. they are under my bed & I can't wear them. I want to look for some SAS shoes.. they are expensive but supposed to be comfortable. I believe they have black soles though. I'll look on the net. As for slippers I'm gonna look for something like

The man who put my kitchen floor down told me to use lighter fluid to clean black streaks & matter of fact he had some & cleaned off some they made. I think Kmart has some moccasins for men without black soles.

When I get to Walmart I'm gonna look for the pail U are talking about. I had one in Florida but could hang the mop outside. Here in Montgomery AL I can't do that. I didn't bring it with me.

Thanks for all the answers.

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Why not hang the wet mop up in the shower until it dries.

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I'm not convinced it's your slippers, sugar, not with that much black on the mop, and especially since it's not visible on the carpet. Seems like it would take an awful lot of walking on that floor to produce that much black. Perhaps it's cooking grease that settles on the floor? I'm betting it's cooking residue.


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I am female, and wear stylish Franco Sarto heels and loafers that have horrible black rubber(?) soles on them. I love these shoes but they do make black marks on the floors if I walk the wrong way (or trip over myself!). I usually just rub it off my floors with a paper towel.

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