vinyl floors and steam

wearybuilderJuly 16, 2008

We have vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms and laundry room. I was ready to "go for it" and get one of the steam mops, until I read that the steam can mess up vinyl floors. I contacted the store, and they said warm water only.

How do I decide? Trust the steamers that say they are safe for vinyl or trust the store and stay away to avoid problems down the road?

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It seems to me that it is a matter of how hot the steam actually is when it is reaching the vinyl flooring and how much steam is being applied to seams.

The higher end steamers heat the water to around 300 degrees F, and the steam coming out is around 250 degrees. It goes through a pad before reaching the floor, and that further reduces the temperature.

The makers of the (less expensive) steam mops don't give any information about the water temperatures in their products, but the assumption is that the temperature is lower.

I imagine that you could destroy vinyl flooring with too much heat or too much steam. But there is lots of anecdotal information on the internet that steam mops, when used as intended, don't harm vinyl floors.

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