Table set on a Shower Curtain

phonegirlMay 7, 2011

I set this table after Easter and haven't taken the time to post. But after seeing Karen's post thought I'd better take a minute and get it posted. I mentioned it but needed a push to just do it, I guess. I'm ready to reset our table as soon as I find time. BTW, (don't mean to brag but it makes all the work seem worth while)we had the biggest month ever last month with our businesses! I was at the office till 9 last night activating phones but this month may end up topping last month.

I had this shower curtain we haven't used and was going to donate it. Then the light came on and I thought about using it for a tc and it fit!

I used my Sakura Sonoma fruit dishes and place mats from one of my kids. DM's Century Fostoria Crystal dishes I had came across when I found Jane's plates. This is a set of yellow chg's DH painted for me.

One of the first days with sunshine. You can see the sun shining through in the background.Woohoo The candle holders were from a TS and a quarter ea.

Added DGM's grape cluster she crocheted. The wine decanter is made by Seagull Pewter in Canada. I purchased this at the benefit they had for one of our wounded soldiers this year.

I thought it was amazing that Frou and Nana had also used fruit to set their tables after Easter. I want to set a new table so may have time this weekend and have another to share.


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It looks great! I am working on one with a shower curtain I bought last year just for that reason!
Those dishes look beautiful! Love the pop of yellow too!

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Lovely table, Punk! Like Kathleen says, the yellow pops, it is perfect for this table. Of course the purple flowers make me sigh, soooo pretty.
I'm glad you didn't get rid of the shower made a terrific tablecloth!!

Congratulations on how well your business has been doing.
Definite kudos there in this economy. I know you work very hard, and long hours, so the 'pay-off' is well deserved.

hugs, Karen

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Punk, that is a beautiful table. I also love purple. - Marylee

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Marlene Kindred

Very pretty table! Love the centerpiece too!

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The centerpc is beautiful, punk! You always do such a great job w/flowers! I like the way it just dominates over the 3 place setting! Love your Mom's crystal you came across & the SS fruit colorful, pretty!

And, another idea, using a shower curtain for the t'cloth! Good thinkin'! TFS, punk! Congrats on your sales! Jeanne S.

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Love your centerpiece, sure goes perfect with your tablecloth. Great idea using it for the tablecloth. The yellow chargers are showing up really bright on my computer, are they softer in real life. I'm no expert by a long shot, but I think it would have been neat to add more yellow maybe in the napkins and a few yellow flowers in the centerpiece. Don't mind me though, I'm waaaay too conservative! LOL Your mom's crocheted grapes are wonderful too, pretty and useful. And congrats on having such a great month with the business--people sure love their phones and "gadgets" don't they? ;o)


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Pretty table those dishes and your Mom's crystal. They look lovely with your 'SC/TC'. I've done that too using a shower curtain..anything that fits on the table and looks good - Right? lol Your's is very pretty and I like how you used the Yellow Placemats to set off your dishes on it.
Lovely CP - the flowers are beautiful and such a sweet touch adding DM's croched grapes.
So happy for you that All your hard work on the job is paying off..great news!


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Thanks, Kathleen, sounds like we think along the same lines when it comes to covering a table.LOL Will be looking forward to seeing another one of your beautiful tables.

Karen, I always think of you every time I set a table with Purple...I'm glad I tried the sc before getting rid of it too. I have a couple of other ones that I will be digging out at some point now.LOL Thanks for your comments and the Kudos on the business. I am proud of how far we've come.

Marylee, thanks and glad you like purple too.

Marlene, thanks, I should of taken better pictures of the cp. Alot of the fruit doesn't show up very well.

Jeanne, your so sweet. I love trying new things with the cp's. I put a note on the crystal so my kids we treasure it when I hand it down. I also found two of the glasses that Nana has that look like they are lit in her pictures. Hoping I come across at least two more so I can use them on some of my tables. Sounds like we may have time over July 4th to go thru more things when the family is here. Sales are wonderful and hope I can keep up with this pace.

Luvs, glad you liked the idea of using a sc for tc too. The chargers are that bright yellow but I think DH also painted me some pale ones and I should of dug them out and tried them too. This is what happens when one has to many choices. I didn't even think about adding yellow flowers or napkins. Thanks.

Grandma made the grape cluster and I've had it for years and thanks to you I've brought it out! People do love their phones and TV's alright and it works for me.LOL

Jane, you too think like Kathleen and me huh? I have a couple of new old sheets that were DM's that I plan to try. I'm learning from all of you, if it fits, use it and I Love It! Sure saves buying tc's. Business is good and I keep telling myself hard work pays off. We spent most of the night Sat. putting up new displays.Sigh.....

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my table and businesses. All of you have helped me get to this point in my life and I thank you more than you will ever know.

Hope you all had a Super Mother's Day. I have some new crocheted placemats that I will be sharing on some of my tables.


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I'm so glad your business is doing great, but it does cut into our play time. Thanks for taking to time to share another lovely table with us. Your tc works like a charm, but my favorite part is that super cp with all those purple flowers, WOW! Of course every little thing you put on there works perfectly, great job.

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Pretty table. I love how well the placemats and the dishes match each other. Cool that you are able to use the grape cluster that your Grandma made.
The CP and the colors are just beautiful.
It doesn't look like a shower curtain. It looks like a perfect tablecloth.


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It works great. Lovely pattern. I have used patterned flat sheets before but never thought of shower curtains. My DS made a shower curtain out of a tablecloth that she found and loved once and it was lovely. I will have to start checking out the shower curtains for sure. TFS Janet

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Frou, Candy and Janet, thanks so much for the sweet comments. All this work is cutting in on my fun time but I sure enjoy coming here every chance I get. I need to get out one of my sheets and try setting a table before I forget about them.LOL


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Sorry I'm late commenting, My computer has been down, problem outside the house.
Using the shower curtain was brilliant! Your dishes are so pretty. I love how perfectly everything blends.
This is a lovely table Punk.

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Had to laugh when I read that you had used a shower curtain as a tablecloth because the day that I read it I had bought a SC at the local TS to use on an outside table. Not just the plastic type but a water proof material in beautiful blues and corresponding colors.
Thinking outside the box can be so much fun, but boy don't people look at you differently when you tell them what you will use things for. Some people have no imagination. Mine works overtime lately.

Wish I could send some of you the things I find, such as a couple of rooster placemats I got because I know someone on here collects roosters.


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Nana, sorry to hear about computer problem but glad your back and able to post. Thanks for your comments and great to hear your lovin' the idea using a shower curtain.LOL

Betty, glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks outside the box! I haven't used plastic sc since the cloth ones came out.

"Some people have no imagination. Mine works overtime lately." I'm sure this will continue if you stay and play with us!!! I lead a fast and furious life and hope I can keep up this pace for a loooong time. So glad you are hear posting with us.

I'm sure several on here could put your rooster placemats to good use. I found a beautiful rooster at TJ Maxx this spring and passed so all I have is chickens.haha


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Punk, Kaths garden party ts just reminded me that I had stashed a set of butterfly shower hooks away last winter that I bought just especially to redo into napkin rings. This forum does stretch your imagination and helps you see all sorts of unlikely uses for different things. Janet

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