Help with floor plan please?

scottboydMarch 29, 2014

Would love your feedback on our floorplan. We've been working with an architect for a while now and think we are pretty close. It is a multi-generational house to be built in CO. Views of the mountains are on the W.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Are there 2 boys in Lincoln's room? And, is Hazel a girl? What age?
I don't see much closet space for Hazel (esp in comparison to Lincoln) and I see practically NO counter space in her bath. If Hazel is a girl child, she will need some vanity room in short order (probably by the time this thing is finished being built)...

Even larger, the dimensions are very hard to read, so I really cannot comment on the dining room space (though, it appears too narrow, esp with the row of bar stools). As well, Lincoln's bath appears too short (and does it have a door in the shower? Maybe those are supposed to be windows, but they are not in a good spot).

There are a great many doors in the plan, to the outside. Are they all supposed to be doors?

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The dining table looks very close to the kitchen bar stools.

What is the purpose of the gallery? It is huge, but I don't see any furniture in it.

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Thanks for both of your replies, very helpful. Most of the furniture is just placeholder now, so there is only one boy in lincoln's room and that's lincoln. Hazel is 3, but yes soon will want more room I'm sure -- good catch. The way it has worked out so far it looks like Hazel's bathroom is bigger and the closet is smaller and opposite for lincoln. Would be nice if both the bigger bathroom and closet were in hazel's. Most of the things that look like doors are not, they are windows (they are slightly thinner than doors). I guess they swing open and that is why they look like doors.
The gallery is actually more of a bonus room. It is the room that connects the two houses and we will use it when all the cousins come over for sleepovers, it will be the tv room, there will be a wall of glass doors (nana wall type thing) that can open to the courtyard and we'll open it up for parties, etc. It will also be the room we use for thanksgivings, etc.

Thanks for the notes on the dining room, I'll bring that up with the architect. My wife and I live in a 900 square foot house now with two kids and two dogs so everything looks huge to us.

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Also, the windows are just placeholder right now. The architect is going to work on those this week.

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First, congratulations! We too will be building a multigenerational house in Colorado -- Steamboat Springs -- but it will be a few more years. We are closing on the lot next month and probably meet with an architect in this fall. So far all we have are my sketches.

Having thought through this myself, I really like the separation you have between the 'houses' but with the benefits of shared gallery. I also like how you have maximized the views.

Having a multigenerational gathering space is a great idea especially since the separate living and dining areas are a bit small (cosy and fine for each separate family unit, but not quite big enough for everyone). Will the gallery function as you intend? It looks a bit cold like a "no mans land" just for aesthetics and separation. You might try placing some furniture in there to see how it will function. Maybe a fireplace?

I love the courtyard! A heat source can extend your use of use of the courtyard in the spring and fall and even in cool summer nights I wish we had some heat on our deck at our current vacation home. Right now we use a propane tower heater, but in our new house we are planning to run gas for heat on the deck.

The living areas in both sides are nicely situated and should be very livable. Both dining areas seem a bit narrow to allow for walkways.

I note that what looks to be a second full kitchen is labeled "wet bar." Will it be a wet bar or another kitchen? I think you need a full kitchen on that side, but I know our local requirements do not allow a second full kitchen on a single family lot. If it is a second kitchen can it be permitted? In our case, that would have been a problem but we were lucky to find a great creekside duplex permitted lot in an area we love.

One general thought, but it looks like you (or maybe your architect) are maybe trying to do too many wow features -- gallery, fireplaces, nooks and crannies, patios(4), etc. -- possibly at the sacrifice of function. Laundry room(s)? Don't get me wrong, it is going to look great, I just want it to live great for you too.

Garages. It's a long haul to carry in groceries to the far kitchen -- but at least it's the younger generation doing the hauling. While I am not as opposed to front entry garages, the four bays all in a row seems a bit overpowering, but there is balance so maybe it will be fine. Do you have a front elevation?

Good luck with your project! What's your timeline? I hope you will post your progress-- I am really looking forward to following your build.

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While Hazel's bathroom is "larger", it isn't functionally larger than Lincoln's. The extra floor space (only) is just a hallway/walkway between the bedroom and the closet. I wonder if it can be turned /reversed (with your architect) to have her enter her closet directly from the bedroom or bathroom so that there isn't a loss of space to walk way.

I also, am not really grasping the function on an every day basis of the gallery. Do you frequently have cousins over? Will that room be very cold in the winter/expensive to heat with those doors/open wall?

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