vanity mirror placement--against countertop?

Skyangel23April 28, 2014

For the house we are building, I was thinking of not doing the typical vanity countertop 4" built-in backsplash since we are doing laminate for now and I hate that tell-tale black line. We were going to do a custom tile backsplash instead. Our builder said if we aren't doing the built-in backsplash, the vanity mirror must rest against the countertop itself. The mirror is the typical frameless builder grade.

My question is, has anyone done this? I would think as long as it was caulked that it would keep water out.

And then the other option, and what I had originally wanted to do, was just hang the mirror on the wall, balanced -4-5" above the top of the tile backsplash, with the top of the mirror 4-5" below the lighting fixture. But the builder is saying the mirror is too heavy for that.

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I certainly like the look of the glass to the counter. But, our original vanity mirror rested on the backsplash. Enough water hit there that over time the mirror backingbecame discolored.

Now we have a mirror glued onto the wall. The mirror installer knew what adhesive to use. Initially a ledger board was mounted onto the wall to support the mirror while the adhesive cured, then removed in a few days. Been there almost two years without issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bathroom

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He's full of *it. They glue them to walls all the time. It does mean that it will be difficult for you to remove it in the future when you change your mind.

Or, you can get mirror clips.

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In most cases you don't have to rest the mirror on top of something, but it's not impossible that for whatever reason your wall won't be able to hold it. Maybe the wall studs are really far apart. Maybe the drywall is too thin. It could be anything.

I don't get the issue with a black line. What black line?

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I will talk to them again about hanging it on the wall only.
The line is in laminate, where you can see the substrate underneath. I just don't care for the built-in look, I'd rather tile it.

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