Dish detergrnt in packets - mine stick together

albert_135July 12, 2014

Don't recall the upscale brand but the little buggers stick together in the bag.

Maybe moot as I may not use buy them again. So, just curious if you use them how do you handle them?

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The manual for my new washer said not to use paks. That must cause more than visual problems.

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Don't reach in the pouch with wet hands.

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Along with wet hands, I would also suspect storing them where the conditions are hot and humid (under a sink, next to the dishwasher that puts off some heat, etc.) may also contribute to the sticking. High humidity may actually activate the melting of the packet.

In my new Bosch dishwasher, they suggest using 1 T. of powdered dishwasher detergent or detergent tablets for most loads. I just stick with powdered detergent and use even less than 1 tablespoon. In these new dishwashers, more isn't better.


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Yep - wet hands. I discovered that, too.

Maybe the pods shouldn't be kept in their original plastic bag. Maybe the pods should be dumped into an open container of some kind with free air flow - Tupperware?

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I had that happen too. I just use the Finish tabs that have the red button in the middle. Costco always seem to have a good sale on. Each one is easy open, individually wrapped.
They work great!

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