shhhhhh it's the Texas Jaybird sneaking in....

BlogaritaMay 31, 2013

I decided to try to access Gardenweb through my G-mail account. I don't know why or how, but it worked. No telling how long I will get to bother you all, but for today I can say hello and I surely do miss you folks!!
Blessings to you alllllllll!!

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Hi, Jaybird,Good to hear from you!

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Hi Jay... so good to see you here.
Hope your G-Mail account keeps you around permanently!
It's been kind of quiet since the nice weather.. but everyone checks in to say hi
in between gardening and this and that! :)

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Good to see you 'sneak in,' jaybird! Come back often & share with us! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Great to c u was able to sneak a post in. Don't
wait so long to stop by for a sneak peak! Hope
you will have time to let us know whats happening
in your life. Miss not hearing from you.


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what a great surprise you made it back, JB. Now hope you can continue! Have missed you!

hugs, Karen

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