Swapping appliances in existing cabinetry?

janjan212April 23, 2012

Pardon my ignorance, hopefully I am not missing how simple the answer is, but I have never done this and want to make sure I am considering all costs and the right direction to head.

I currently have a microwave/wall oven unit. Although it still works, we are doing a little updating and I think I'd like to splurge and get the Speed/Wall oven combo. (I've always wanted double ovens and micro, but don't have room for all 3 this is a good solution) So my question is....How do I know what may need to be done to the existing cut out in our cabinetry? Can I measure the outside of the current opening and compare to the specs on the other appliances? If there needs to be modifications, do I call a cabinet company, or do the appliance installers deal with this? Do the old appliances have to come out to see how it's set up before we know what needs to be done and the cost involved?

Again....sorry for my ignorance.... and TIA!

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yes, pretty much. Measure the width and height of the opening, but bear in mind that the current unit most likely overlaps the edges by a quarter inch or so.

Then look at the size specs of the new unit(s) you are looking at. Widths are somewhat standard so height may be an issue. Look at the installation specs.

If the new one is shorter, then all that is needed is to put something in the bottom to raise the new unit up. A handy man can do this. But if it is taller, you may need a new cabinet depending on your situation.

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We just replaced a microwave/single oven unit with a double oven. We talked with our general contractor before ordering to make certain we could do it. We pulled the specifications for the new unit and we all measured several times. He was able to fit the double oven into the space by opening the existing space. We were fortunate that we didn't have to lose any space from the cabinet above the unit, or the drawer below.

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I agree with txjoyce-meet with your contractor first before ordering any applicance-"measure twice & cut once!"
I am in the exact situation-be sure your contractor can install considering existing cut-out & electric & weight of product to be installed.

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