Do I need special vacuum?

HikemJuly 23, 2014

I am living in a new house with a several floor types (tiles, carpets, especially the carpets in the kid's room are very dense). So far I've been reading about vacuum cleaners from various places but still not sure what to do. The people here suggest that one canister vacuum can do just fine with everything because of the plenty attachments. I surely won't by a vac for every floor so I am willing to spend a little more and be sure that it will clean my whole house. Any help will be appreciated.

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In my non-expert opinion, I think a canister vac with attachments is the way to go when you have various surfaces.

Personally, I found it tiring to have to lug a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs a couple times a week and went with an upright vacuum upstairs where it was completely carpeted and a canister vac downstairs where I had a mix of hardwood, area rugs and tile.

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Living in a new house with new carpet, you are going to find that you fill a canister bag VERY quickly. New carpets shed fibers for what seems like FOREVER. That being said, I'm super happy with the Shark I bought about 1 1/2 years ago. I have multiple kinds of surfaces too, and with just a switch of a button, it easily goes from carpet to tile or hardwood or linoleum. It seems to do equally well on both and it has not lost suction over the period of time I've owned it. I have an Aussie that sheds like crazy, and I've been through numerous vacuums. I don't think I'll ever buy anything but a Shark again, that's how impressed I am. They also have a wide selection, so you do have a choice on what will work for you. Mine is a lift-away (I think) and is very lightweight and maneuverable. I even bought one for my Mom (age 80) because she needed something to replace her clunky, too heavy canister. She LOVES it and the amount of dirt it picked up even after using her canister amazed her. It amazed me too! Hope this helps :)

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