Coffee stains in porcelain sink

marie26July 24, 2006

I am doing this to myself, pouring excess brewed coffee into my porcelain sink a couple of times a day. So, I'm causing the stains. But it's such a pain to have to scrub the sink clean each time I do it.

How do you handle this? Do you scrub after each time of pouring the coffee into the sink? Is there anything I can put in my sink to protect it? I have the plastic mats but they have holes in them so that didn't help me when I tried using them.

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DH did that while learning how much water to put in the new maker. I finally asked him to pour the cool coffee over the hosta -they love it. Meanwhile, try using lemon juice/water (50/50); a couple sprays and swop with a sponge, a splish of water to rinse, or just keep a sponge in a small bowl of the mixture to swop and then rinse. I never found anything that would actually protect the sink's finish from repeated coffee or tea stains, so the alternative is to have the clean-up as fast and easy as possible, and clean immediately after pouring.

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Pour the coffee directly into the drain....
I remember now why I have a stainless steel sink!
Linda C

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I'm with Linda. Aim that puppy right over the hole. I did this to myself in the last house and the only time my sink looked nice was right after I cleaned it with Soft Scrub. I also switched to a SS sink in this house. You can also keep just a little bit of bleach in a spray bottle of water and mist the sink at the end of the day. I've found a Mr. Clean Magic sponge cleans my sink really nice. They are too pricey for me to use all of the time, though.


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Bar Keeper's Friend will get coffee and other food stains off a porcelain sink.

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For all-over perfect cleaning of any sink: Plug sink after water is running as hot as possible. Add One Cup of cascade or similiar product - swish to dissolve - fill sink to brim. Leave overnight. 99% of stains will be gone in the morning. Touch up a bit with scrub sponge if needed - it will come off ASAP.

We drink a whole pot of TEA in the morning which stains worse then coffee!!! For touch-ups in-between --- pour a little bleach - run from the fumes - and then come back and just rinse.


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I keep my sink stain free with a spritz of Clorox Clean-Up in the sink. Saves wear and tear on the finish from abrasives. Also keeps bacteria down.

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