Elevation review please!

agentslimMarch 15, 2012

We are getting close to starting our construction set.

Here is our elevation and our inspiration. We are on a tight budget so the exterior won't have the bells and whistles.

We might be able to do precast for the entry way. Are there any low cost additions we can add?



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Ooooooh! I love it!! I bet those little cobel-looking things on wither side of the dormers are pricey--so I'm guessing that's one of those bells & whistles. If you could do any of them, I would do the ones over the garage. The dormers on the main house look smaller and the corbels seem to dwarf the dormer.

Just looking at the elevation and wondering about a side view that shows how the upper-most roof lines die into one another. It appears that the roof line in the inspiration pic goes straight across with same sized rafters with a taller portion in the center that's about as wide as the entry roof line, then the entry roof line (so 2 roof lines on the main part of the house). But the elevation pic looks like you've got a long roofline in the rear, then another roof line in front of that which is taller and then the entry roof line (3 roof lines). Is a bonus room going over the garage on the left & that's why the roof line is very tall with that little jog toward the center?

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Thanks! Yea the roof line isn't straight across. We have a room on the left garage causing that. Also part of the great room is towards the left side of the house and it is gonna be on a 14ft plate. I will put up the side elevations soon.

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I agree that the roof ridge line, in stepping up, isn't as clean as it could be - and it's magnified because of the absolute symmetry of the elevation.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you get rid of the arched windows, you will save a significant amount of money. The roofline also needs to be more consolidated. It's too busy. If you do those things, then you may have saved enough to do stone for the quoins that your inspiration picture has (which is a MAJOR element of it's look) as well as do the stone on the entry bump to tie the whole thing together better.

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I spoke to my designer regarding the roofline and he says because of the layout that can't be changed. We beefed up the entry way taller and wider so he can be the main focus from the curb. Here is the updated elevation with the rear as well. I just told him to design the column and put casing around the windows as well, something like this house. We actually liked the french door looking windows here. But was afraid of cost. What do you guys think looks better? We do not want an opening from the great room.

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I would see about raising the portion of the 3rd roofline up to meet the incoming 2nd roof line peak. While it won't give you absolute symmetry, it will help greatly. I'm just not feeling the funny little peak on the rear elevation and the mutiple step down roof line on the front. Have you got a floorplan you can post--I think there was one on a previous thread, maybe?

Why does the overhang height change on the rear elevation on the right? Is that the family room with the tall ceilings? I'm guessing you're not having a covered porch over that area as is shown in the inspiration photo. A porch roof would help that area tremendously.

On the French doors--operable doors are most expensive, stationary doors are less expensive, then operating long windows then (usually, but not always) stationary long windows. Long stationary windows would work great there.

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What can I tell my designer specifically about the roof line. The first time I asked regarding changes to the roof line he said that because of the floor plan we can't.
We do have a covered patio.
We already have Stationary windows there. Are they long enough?
Here is the floor plan. I have no idea how to make it larger.

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If you want the front elevation roof to be symmetrical, it can be done. You will have a couple of walls in the back with higher walls and at that areas the roof will look like cut (by laundry/guest suite) but it will simplify the roof, you will get rid of a few hips/valleys. It just depends what is more important to you.
If you want it to look "perfect" in the back, you can create an extra porch behind the laundry - I partially dashed it in the bottom sketch.
You could also talk to you builder about involving the roof manufacturer - most of them have a roof designer but you need to tell them how you want the roof to look, otherwise they will take the easy road.
By the way, your floor plan needs updating. The main entry is narrower that shown on elevation.

If the roof looks too high, you can always do a lower slope (6.5:12 front and back) and 7:12 on the sides. Right now you have everything 7:12.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rood idea

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Thank you so much naf naf. I will suggest that to my designer. The sketch makes it look a lot better. I hope he cost involved are not much more. I will keep you posted on the progress. Yea I have a more updated plan that I have not had time to upload

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The roof I just sent you should not cost more than what you already had and because is somehow simplified, it should not be too much more if you add the porch (if you want it to be perfectly simmetrical front and back). Your contractor should be able to tell you for sure.
It will also depend on how visible is the back/side behind laundry.

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Naf naf
Thank you so much! What do you mean visible from the laundry room? The laundry is between the garage and the guest suite? We are so excited to get this to work

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If your lot is a corner lot, then the side and back will be fully visible from the street in wich case, you want the roof to look nice (in the area behind laundry) if that make sense.
Your designer can draw the side elevation showing the roof cut/higher wall then you can decide if you like it or not. Where I live, there are many houses with roofs and higher walls (to make the roof work) and some times they are visible but people is ok with that.
Good luck!

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First off I would like to thank everyone for providing me with feedback, especially Naf Naf!

We have updated the roof line to make it more symmetrical! We are not located on a corner lot so the side elevation is not an issue. We added the extra porch but removed it because we don't feel like we would use it. Also at this point cost is a huge issue, every penny counts now. So here is the updated floor plan and elevation! Please provide your feedback/suggestions! Thanks!!!
Floor Plan


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Alex House

What provisional plans do you have for the 2nd floor which can now be fit into the attic?

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It's a single story home. There isn't a 2nd floor

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I agree - the roof line looks much better. I am a sucker for symmetry, too! We are also designing a "H" shaped house.

The only thing that doesn't sit right with me is the roof over the front door area. It appears to be higher than before. I think there should be more space above the point and top of the roof than between the bottom lines of both roofs. I am sure that wording makes no sense, I just cannot think of another way to explain it. In your inspiration photo, the roof over the front door appears fairly high, but I think it is due to the angle of the photograph - taken from street level whereas your elevation is a straight-on view. Depending on the lay of your lot, you can ask your architect to adjust the angle of the elevation so you can see how high this piece of the roof looks.

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