slide-in range gap?? how to resolve

truzellaApril 14, 2009

I am installing a new Sears Kenmore electric slide-in range. There is about a 1/16 inch gap between the cook top and the counter top? How can the gap since crumbs and liquid can easily get under the cooktop and run down the side of the range.

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Easy, lower the legs or shorten the cabinet underneath.

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Wish it was that easy. The cabinets need to be the standard height for a variety of reasons and the range has been lowered as far as it will go. Furthermore the installation guide specifically states that cooktop must rest on flange for support and in order to prevent voiding warranty. This alone creates a natural gap. I can't believe that I am the only one that has this issue and I can't find a kit or solution anywhere on the Internet.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm sure nobody who knows anything would tell you to do this but...what about clear silicon caulk? If you ever have to pop the range out, you'd have to cut it off and reapply, but that's not really that horrible a job. I could even see doing it once a year for deep cleaning under range (not that I'd ever do anything like that!).

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truzella - if your cabinetry was installed 34 1/2" above the high point of your floor you should have no issues. I assume yours weren't. So, you have an install error or didn't have enough due diligence done during design. You'll likely have to live with it or reinstall the cabinets.

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Worst case, what's your flooring? I'm thinking you could take a forsner bit to a wood floor, pop and cut a tile, etc. as long as you make sure that 1/16" drop doesn't compromise drawer function.

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Truzella, did you find the solution for your gap???? I am having the same problem.

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Actually I did. Lowering legs NO GO, Caulk way too high, NO GO but what did work was when I had a new granite coutertop installed at the same time I had my stove installed. The countertop folks fabricated two bullnose pieces of granite (one for each side) and one flat piece for the back. The top of the bullnose was slightly flat before the bullnose kicked in and rounded to the counterop. Looks like a custom job that was intended to look this way. Very happy ... and if you knew me that is saying a lot LOL

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hi truzella, I'm having that problem and that is what the contractor suggested, Do you have any pictures?

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You are replying to a thread with a last entry from three years ago. Don't do that as a first request.

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Good luck!

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