sticky stuff on painted wood kitchen table

mandogirlJuly 1, 2008

Hi, everyone. My first post on the cleaning board!

We just moved into our new house. We let the sellers leave their kitchen table, knowing that it's nothing great but figuring it would serve until we can buy a new dining set and move the current dining room table to the kitchen.

The table they left is hefty wood, painted green (not shiny). The sellers' kids did craft projects on it. I don't mind the paint splatters here and there, but what I do mind is this very sticky stuff that covers most of the table. There is some glitter mixed in with it, so it's probably some kind of heavy duty craft glue. I've scrubbed with soap & water, abrasive scrubbie pads; I have yet to try 409 or something stronger because I don't want to remove too much of the painted finish. Any ideas? As I said, the table's nothing great, so I don't mind if some green paint comes off (just not all of it...looks like there's multiple layers).

I don't want to go to the trouble to strip and sand and repaint the thing. I just want it not to be sticky so my plastic placemats don't stick to it.

I'd appreciate any ideas for what product(s) to use.


- mando

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Have you tried Goo Gone or some WD-40? They will remove sticker goo but not the paint. 409 removes paint in my experience. Furniture polish like Liquid Gold, etc will sometimes work, too.

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You might try rubbing it down with mineral spirits or lighter fluid, which I find removes lots of stuff from surfaces. I wonder if Greased Lightening would do it too.

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Thanks! I'll try WD-40 or lighter fluid as I know we have both on hand. If those don't work I'll see about buying some Goo Gone or Greased Lightning.

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I would wipe it down with mineral spirits.

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I use De-Solve It- think I paid $3.49 for a 12 ounce bottle...a lot less than Goo Gone. It lasts a long, long time even tho' I use it quite a bit. Don't cha' just hate the icky sticky residue left when you remove a label?


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I'd spray with Greased Lightning, then rub with steel wool (or brillo).

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