Stains on veneer

eleenaJuly 26, 2013

Posted this on the Kitchens forum but did not get any action, so I figured this might be a better place to ask. :-)

I have slab maple-veneered cabinet fronts. I have only had them for 3 months and I have been trying to be very careful and clean them after each use. I just found several stains on them. Two - I am pretty sure - are from the tile install back in April. I cleaned after the tile guy every night but somehow missed these - probably b/c they are close to the floor and are very visible only from a certain angle. Another one is an aftermath of baking red velvet cupcakes a few days ago using a store bought mix which had some very red artificial (I think) coloring. I didn't notice that some of it spilled on the edge of the bottom drawer. It is right in the seam between the edge banding tapes.

All my attempts to remove them using damp Mr Clean or microfiber cloth have failed. I even tried a blue Scotch-Brite pad. I am afraid to scrub too hard b/c the veneer is fragile.

What can I do to remove the stains?

Also, how do you keep your veneered cabinets or furniture stain-free (if you have them)?


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Hubby, the "cabinet master" (38-years in the industry and CKD) suggested taking the drawer with the stain on it, or the other stained portion (if possible) to Sherwin Williams Paint Store and ask them for suggestions. Some possible products may include paint thinner, lacquer thinner, acetone, or Xyelol. It will depend on the type of top-coat finish used.


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Thank you so much!!!

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