isla or elegance porcelain tile

ellessebeeApril 14, 2013

I came across a silver travertine look porcelain tile that i think is the best vein cut rendition i've seen yet. it was on a display board labeled "isla" but that had been crossed out and handwritten instead was "elegance". i later found the same board at another store but the name had not been changed. the price at the first place is significantly better than at the second. i can't find anything online corroborating the name change. does anyone know anything about this tile? is a decent tile? i don't want to be pennywise but pound foolish yet don't want natural stone's maintenance. I'm also happy to get other suggestions for a silver travertine look. thanks in advance.

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Besides how the one sample tile looks, find out the variance for that tile. I had just ordered 4 samples of my original Limestone lookalike tile, and when I brought them home, they were all exactly the same! Needless to say, I cancelled that order. I have since found a much better looking one with lots of different patterns, but of course lots more money too! I was at a tile store yesterday (looking for grout), and I couldn't believe how good some of the stone copies are...just getting better and better everyday!

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