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dancingqueengwApril 9, 2012

I am expanding the shower but, based on Green's advice, will keep the neo angle. I am trying to decide if I put the door in the angle or against the wall. Here are examples of current layout and the two options I am considering. I want a full frameless shower and am concerned that the door in the angle will leak per feedback I've read here. Current layout.



Actual photo of space.

I can straighten the cabinet to the corner and thought I would make a tall cabinet with glass front. It won't angle in anymore. What do you think?

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More photos of the space. Dressing room into bath.

Shower and current cabinet set up

Existing tub/toilet area

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An additional question. I am planning to remove this whirlpool tub and put in a free standing tub, maybe an air tub. Have not decided on if it should be oval or square. I am thinking about creating a six inch build out wall underneath the windows so that there is a ledge that will run around the tub area. What do you think? I could also just run it across the back wall stopping before I get to the toilet? I thought this would be nice for setting things on while in the tub. I saw something like this on Houzz but it only was on one wall rather than partially surrounding the tub. TIA for any input.

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I don't know what your plumbing budget is, but I'd consider swapping the placement of the shower and vanity. Then the shower could be rectangular, coming out further into the room, like the tub. And that would give you better walk space in front of the sink without bumping into the shower, and eliminate the crampedness with the shower coming right up to the doorway.

I'd also change the door swing so it "hid" the toilet on opening, and led to the shower and vanity.

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I like weedy's thoughts. Changing from sink to shower drain shouldn't be too expensive of a switch.

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The only thing that will work here is to change the swing of the door to the bath to an outswing or pocket and put the shower door there by the entrance. However, that still leaves a darn clunky layout.

What are the exact dimensions of the space? I might have some time to work on a layout for you, but moving things around will up your plumbing budget. To increase the usability, would you be up for spending more money? You're already talking several thousand to rebuild the shower as is, and that's just the plumbing budget, not the decorative finishes. What's a few thousand more!

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Thanks for the ideas. The bathroom is 8 and a half feet deep and 14 feet long, it does not include the dressing room leading into the actual bath, which I'm not planning to change other than to replace the floor, counter top and lighting. The first diagram shows this. I was trying to keep plumbing in the same place because the estimates to do this bathroom have all been over $35k. I will check with the contractor to see what this would add but I really am at my limit with the $35k. I guess I thought expanding a shower by 4 inches would not necessitate moving the drain but only creating a new slope? I can reverse the door if I move all the electrical to another wall inside the dressing room but then all my electrical is outside the bathroom itself. If I switched the shower to the other wall as weedy suggests I could move the door and switch the electrical to the opposite wall. So it sounds like moving the shower door to between the shower and the new cabinet wall is a bad idea and that having it in the angle won't work for frameless. I need more space in there so I can have a small seat in the corner inside the shower.

Thanks so much for the input and I would love any other ideas or layout thoughts.

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