Magnalite Pot cleaning

bamasueJuly 22, 2008

It's a large chicken fryer and I need some suggestions for removing the discoloration in the bottom of the pot. According to DD who last used it "I forgot to turn the burner off". She had washed it and set it on the still hot electric burner prior to putting it away. To no avail, I've tried dishwashing soap/water and BonAmi cleanser and still no luck. Thought of a Brillo pad, but thought I'd check with any of you first who are familiar with Magnalite. TIA!!!

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My grandmother kept your pots like new with lemon juice, course salt and lots of elbow grease. She would scrub for hours once a week on all her pots. They always looked brand new.

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Great suggestion! Grandmas always know best and know how to take care of things to make them last! Now DD will be "encouraged" to roll up her sleeves and make me a happier Mom! Thank you!

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