Anyone deck mount a clawfoot tub?

lisa_aApril 6, 2012

I know this probably sounds like a crazy idea - why would anyone even consider hiding the base of a clawfoot tub? - so let me explain.

I'm on the hunt for a comfortable-to-me tub to replace a barely used, uncomfortable whirlpool tub. I've sat in so many tubs, it's ridiculous! I wasn't having any luck - so discouraging - until I sat in a clawfoot tub at a local showroom. Aaaaahhh, it felt really good. I could easily spend more than a few minutes soaking and relaxing in it.

However, I don't think a clawfoot tub fits the style of our '94 transitional house. The rep at the plumbing showroom said we could buy it without exterior finishing and feet - both of which save us money - and deck mount it. I've scoured magazines and but I can't find any inspiration pics where someone has done this. Have any of you done this or seen it done? Would this even work? Is this a crazy idea? We've been delaying our master bath remodel because I can't figure out what to do about the danged tub. Help!


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Not a crazy idea. I have a claw foot, and wouldn't trade it for anything! I have seen it done, but the roll top edge sits out on top of the deck, so not sure if that will give you the look you want?

A 2x4 frame is built to support a plywood base that the tub edges rest on (plus tile backer-board if tiling). The tub rested in the hole cut out of the plywood. The one I saw was tiled up to the edge. It looked great, but seemed like an awful lot of work. The owner wanted the comfort of a clawfoot, but lots of decking around it for towels, etc. It was in an older house so it looked ok there.

I'm not sure if that is what you want for your style of home, but I have seen many home owners now putting in claw foot tubs as an elegant style thing. Something to consider, perhaps?

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Thanks, oldhousegal, that's the kind of feedback I was looking for. I'm okay with the roll top edge sitting on the deck. I wasn't looking to undermount the tub. Like that look but not for this type of tub.

I thought about doing a pedestal tub. Saw a lot of these on the dream home tour in August and on the remodeled home tour in March. But I'd only have about 16" between tub and wall at each end, which seems a bit snug for getting around it to clean the floor. Plus the tub is between us and an operable window so I think I'd rather have a bit of tub deck to make that maneuver a bit easier. Plus pedestal tubs tend to cost more. But it's something to think about.

I emailed our contractor to ask him about it. We'll see what he says. Sure wish I could find photos of a deck-mounted claw foot tub. I've done searches but all it turns up is information or images of tub faucets mounted on the deck of a claw foot tub. Not the same thing.

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if you paint the clawfoot a different color, or use just straight chrome legs, it can look really modern/transitional and unique.
there are also a lot of modern style clawfoot tubs now. like some with wooden bases, etc.

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About 15 years ago my friends did a new construction. I don't have pics, but could probably take some next week. I believe it is a wood surround with either a tile or formica deck, but can't quite remember as I am rarely in their master bath.

I did find this online which is similar to my friends'but theirs is in a bay with window surround. Lots of deck space for plants:

Here's one built into a deck:

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In my 6 yr old house I used the Kohler IronWorks tub in the link. It can be purchased as a claw foot or as a deck mount. I am 5' 6" and it is a tiny bit short but oh so comfortable. Didn't have room for a 6 ft tub. Didn't want a whirlpool.

We are building again and I am considering the cast iron "Vintage". It is 6 ft. I haven't seen it in person and have no idea if it's as comfortable as my Iron Works in the picture below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iron Works tub

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Thank you, michoumonster, olychick, and red_lover!

olychick, I'd be delighted if you can get photos of your friend's tub and post here. Thanks for the images you did post. You had better luck than I did. It's nice to see how it would look.

I don't think I've seen the Kohler Iron Works or Vintage tub, red-lover, but I'll look into these two. You have a lovely bathroom!

michoumonster, thanks for posting pics of those lovely tubs. Wish we had room to do a pedestal tub but we don't. I goofed when I posted how much room we'd have at each of the tub. We only have 16" total to spare so we'd end up with only 8" at each end, which isn't enough room to get around the tub to clean the floors, which means they wouldn't get cleaned well often enough. We need to stick with a deck mount tub.

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