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LawPawMarch 3, 2013

I've been around silently for a while.

Below is the current floorplan for the house we will be building this spring in rural Iowa.

9' basement and 1st floor with an 8' second floor. We will be using 24" web floor trusses, which is why there are so many steps from the 1st to the 2nd floor.

Any thoughts?

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I like it. The space is nicely utilized. If anything I think the entry area is a bit disproportionately big. I would consider having a fold back stairway so you head up from the dining area/kitchen, and have the guest closet or even the powder to the right of the main entrance, giving more living space on the left. That would also shorten your travel time to the laundry room which is fairly remote.

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The relationship of the stairway and the foyer/front door is awkward. Why is the stair so long; do you really need 18 risers? Is the first floor ceiling height 10-6?

The half bath and closet seem to accidentally create oddly shaped living spaces. The plan not so much open but twisted.

The post in the center of everything is a very bad idea.

Perhaps the garage could move to the right a bit and allow a more orderly arrangement of the main living spaces and the stair could better relate to those spaces.

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She doesn't have 10'6" ceiling height, but she has 24" floor joist-trusses.

Is this a working farm in Iowa? I worry your mudroom/laundry isn't functionally a good idea (with that black dirt).

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nice floor plan in general...very generous with spaces.

Key question is orientation to the can gain so much energy savings based on that so it should be considered.

On the first floor, a large pantry is not necessarily the best as you really need a lot of shallow storage more than deep storage. You might want to add the space to the kitchen wall with the fridge and put the pantry open to the hallway as the space around the fridge looks tight. Consider how you will use that "away" room that's away from all the open space. It looks like it's set up for TV, but do you want the noise there? Or will the rest of the house be noisy and you'll want that space for quiet. The powder room looks cramped. I think that space could be arranged a bit better with the closet...add a wall to capture the post.

Upstairs I see a few more problems...the side by side closets are too small and too large to be useful....add in a sketch for 24" hanging space and you'll see what I mean. From a storage point of view, you'd be better off with back to back reach-in closets vs the pseudo walk-ins. DH would never go with getting hit in the butt while standing at a sink in the 2nd bath. In our bath we had the bath door open on to the linen closet and move the sinks beyond so that didn't happen. Same issue in terms of size and shape with the closets in the master. I know for exterior purposes you probably need the window in the closet, but they're typically not the best for clothing. Also I'd flip flop the toilet and the shower in the master bath...esp if you want a steam shower, they're better on inside walls and I'd rather have the pot closer to the window and the daylight. I'd add a window to the lower right bedroom so you can get cross's the only one without it.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone, I greatly appreciate them!

This isn't a working farm, but we do enough stuff outside that a portion of the utility stall in the garage will handle the really muddy stuff. Laundy/Coat room is a better descriptor of the laundry room.

We would like to use the pantry more for shallow storage. I understand the concern surrounding the fridge, but my DW would prefer food items to be in the pantry and not in cupboards above the counter.

The "away" room will be for our main floor television and a play room for our small children. My DW specifically wants the design of the laundy-kitchen-television play room to corral the kids and have quick access to the laundry and then to fold in front of the TV while monitoring the kitchen.

Orientation is so that up is North about 30 degrees east. The house will be on a hill with a nice view out the back onto a river valley. South is relatively shaded in summer. The orientation at our location is so that on the Summer Solstice the sun will rise into the kitchen wall windows and set into the fireplace wall windows almost perfectly. In the winter, we won't get much direct sunlight.

I'm not sure what to do with the post area because closing it off with a corner wall makes the entry huge, I would like to integrate the entry area more into the living space. Any ideas will be appreciated. We would prefer to keep the stair run as we currently have it.

I've added some more furniture. I think we'll get rid of the coat closet and replace it with a large standalone type unit. My wife wants coats to hand on hooks, instead of hangers, but also wants doors to keep them unseen.

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Thanks for the input on the upstairs! I have revamped the closets and bathrooms and would appreciate further input. It's a little less simple, but better.

My thought was that the window would not damage the cloths if it had the UV filter on it.

I would like to add a east window on the south half, but the roof pitch won't allow it (doing a 38' span the direction of the house).

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