Window Seat Ideas?

jaymieloMarch 7, 2008

I'm trying to finalize my cabinet specifications and I think I would like to add some window seats and possibly a small desk in the dormers of our media room. I know I've seen pictures of window seats on the forum before (Lindy?), but a search didn't turn up much. Does anyone have window seat or small built in desk pictures they could share? I was thinking this would be a good place to store DVDs and remotes and if I put a small desk in the far dormer, we could set a laptop there for when we need to google someone...

Thanks in advance for the inspiration! Jaymie

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Hi jayn=mie,

Do check the kitvhen forum just in case. I have read the discussions you're looking for and they may be there.
Note also that if you're going to use cabinets to create the seat, check out island components. I had mine planned out with 15" tall over the fridge cabinets when a cabinet guy suggested the island components. Many manfucturers offer a toe kick just for window seats.
I'm in the out-to-bid porcess so I have no pics to share.

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Yep...that would be me. I have two small window seats in each of the dormers that are on the front of the house. I also have a built in desk in the dormer that is on the side of the house. (dd's room)

Barbies are stored in this drawer

Nothing in this drawer...this one is in the hallway

dd's desk

Oh yeah...I have a bigger window seat in the office too but not the best photo of it.

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Great pictures Lindy! Thanks! Now I have a lot of annoying questions... Where did you get the cushions for the seats? Do you know the dimension (height and depth) of the two small window seats in the closet and hall? I think ours would be pretty similar in size to that. Also, I can't quite tell... Is there a toe kick on the seat? I guess I will have to think about how my base moulding ties into this as well... Thanks for the pictures! I really appreciate it. Hope you are still enjoying your house! j

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No problem Jaymie.

The cushions came from a local upholsterer. I like them but wonder if I could have gotten them cheaper somewhere else. Do you sew? They are easy to make, or so I'm told. I don't sew.

The dimensions on my cabinet order are 35 3/4" wide x 18" tall and 23" deep. Those dimensions include the toe kick (yes I have one) and the little molding on the sides.

Here is a closer shot that might show more details. Hope it helps!

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Thank you Lindy. The close up really helps as do the dimensions. Within an inch of what I was thinking and the width is almost spot on also.

I don't claim to sew and I don't think that is something I will bite off right now. :) I suppose that is a detail that I can worry about much later. The important thing is getting them built right now and then add the comfy cushion later...

Thank you! Have a good weekened. j.

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I love your house, Lindy! Cushions like that are surprisingly expensive imho. I was shocked when I was trying to find someone to make some outdoor cushions for my wicker. I went to pier I instead and "made it work" with something I found there.


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Amy, I agree! I get really annoyed with stuff like that. I don't understand how it can cost so much. I don't mind paying for great craftsmanship but really, it's a rectangle with a zipper. I guess that little piping adds value but was it worth the $325 I paid for 2 of them?????

P.S. Thanks for the compliments! ;c)

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It does seem high, doesn't it considering that we can buy cushions for my lounge chairs for $40 or less?
The problem is we're used to goods made by cheap labor (The women in China are making maybe 10 cents an hour. Hopefully whatever it is is fair.)with cheap or less expensive materials.
It'd take say six yards of fabric for your cushions and I suspect it'd be over $10 a yard. And two days of work divided out comes to $15 an hour labor. Sounds like the price is about right to me if not low. Custom costs and is totally worth it for your gorgeous window seats!

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Here's our window seat with surrounding bookshelves.


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It wasn't the material, or the labor that shocked me. It was the cost of the foam. Yes, the foam. Go figure. My seamstress (yes, I do have one) encouraged me to go another route because of the ridiculous cost. Her word, not mine. I don't begrudge anyone a good living. In fact, I demand that my husband makes one so that he can keep me in the manor which I am unnaccustomed to. HA!


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soonermagic I love your window seat wall as well. I remember now seeing pictures of it in another thread. Thank you for sharing again! Jaymie

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