Shameless Bragging

oldalgebraMay 18, 2012

Hi Gals,

As you know, my last couple of Forum Posts have been repeats of tables I've done before. The last few I've posted here were tweaked a little, but only just a little. At any rate, I was beginning to think I might be boring you, so I've resisted posting links to my latest blog entries . . . . . . . until now.

Yesterday, I began to get a number of hits on a blog post that was over a week old. Couldn't figure it out. Then when I went to check out the tablescapes on Tablescape Thursday on the blog Between Naps on the Porch, I discovered that I'd been featured. it came right out of the blue. I was so jazzed and had to tell someone about it.

The post that was featured is National Train Day.

The page on BNOTP is here.

I am perfectly aware that this is bragging, but I don't have anyone to share this with except you. You gals are the only ones who might understand that it's kind of a cool thing. Even my husband really wouldn't "get it."

Anyway, hope you enjoy the post.

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OA, I saw your table featured on Tablescape Thursday. I am so proud of you!!!

and I "GET IT" I know we all do.

Your train table is simply elegant.
You have the most original ideas for your tables.
I would never get bored looking at your tables.

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You GO Girl!!!
Brag away, we are very proud of you.
Your table is very reminiscent of the dining cars when I was young and we would take the Zephyr to Los Angeles.
Kudos on a job well done and being featured on BTNOTP.
We understand that is very exciting, even if your DH is clueless!!

I like to see all the tables on those blogs, but I myself am clueless as to what a blog is and how they work. Just not tech savvy, but Karen and some of the others here taught me how to post here, so I am "train"able, LOL.

Congratulations and feel free to share anything here. I can't remember what I posted a month ago, let alone what anyone else posted a year ago, HaHa.


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You better brag about it...WOW! Way to go! CONGRATULATIONS!!
We could never get bored with your decorating either! And like Candy, I can't remember stuff so its probably all new to me anyway. LOL.

I haven't been reading all the blogs I've bookmarked as often as I was. But I do faithfully check BNOTP Monday and Thurs ones to see all the others' photos. And Marty's Tues blog with others on it. Its the fastest way to see the most pictures of neat things.
Candy, reading blogs is easy so you don't need training. Just bookmark ones you like so you don't have to hunt them up. If you want me to email you some links to good ones, let me know. You'd probably like the same ones I do. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Brag Away...and Congratulations on being featured!
I agree We Never could be bored with all your wonderful
creative ideas and this is truly one of them.
I loved your train table...yes, it's Very Elegant Looking and just what I remember too when
my Mother & I would travel from NY to Ohio each year to visit her family.
Your table really captured the essence of the experience.
It was nice reading about your memories of the trains and the feelings they brought.
Unfortunately several yrs ago DH and I took the Amtrack out of Penn Station to FL
and the experience was awful...
I was very saddened by it..(long story)...but seeing
your table, brought back those wonderful memories of earlier travels during a nicer time.

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Marlene Kindred

WOOHOO! Your rock! What a great thing to be featured on two blogs! No need to apologize for bragging...toot that horn!

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This is so cool, OA! I remember your train table ...the story you shared is so remarkable...I felt like I was traveling w/you (& your Mom). Sweet memories & to have your lil' suitcase that as the centerpc! I think I shared this pic with you before ...that I found in my Mom's postcards/pics estate things:

So, brag away, girl! Love it! Keep sharing (even the oldies as you say) with us! ;-) Jeanne S.

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OA, this is WONDERFUL! All of us here know you are sooo amazing and deserve the recognition. Happy you shared this honor with us.

I for one LOVE everything you come up with. It's so fun to see what you've created. Keep sharing and know we enjoy all that you post.

Jeanne, love that picture.


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Thanks! I knew I could count on all of you for some cheering.

Have a great week. I'm planning my Memorial Day table. How about you?

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