Carpet solution question

cohossJuly 7, 2009

Hi all,

I'm getting ready to help a friend clean his carpets next weekend. He has two dogs and lot of stains (primarily old vomit stains) and lots of areas of dark gunk (I'm assuming oil and dirt from the dogs because it tends to accumulate where they lie).

I've been using Charlie's Soap (half strength dilution) in my own carpet cleaner and have had OK results.

My friend's sister recommended Folex -- I've seen it before but don't remember where. She claims it's doing a good job on her berber carpets and a decent job on cut pile. Does anyone have any history of using this product and were the results good?

I also thought I'd try pretreating the really dirty areas with a very light solution of Tide and a scrub brush to help break down the fats and oils and dirt and then rinse/vac a few times to see if that helps with the stubborn areas.

ANy other suggestions would be appreciated!

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I've had good luck with Oxyclean. I use a scoop or two dissolved in hot water in a rental machine and carpets come out looking great.

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The best cleaner is a product called "A Clear Choice".
I have Folex which is good, but "A Clear Choice" will make spots disappear before your eyes!

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