Dacor cooktop?

cooks1818April 26, 2012

The 46" Dacor drop-in cooktop will fit right into the existing cut out in my granite countertop.

I would appreciate any feedback on Dacor customer service and product reliability from the great GW community!

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We have a 36" Dacor cooktop installed ten years ago or so. It has worked just fine. I am overzealous on cleaning the sealed stainless top, yet I have never damaged any electric auto ignitor. The porcelain burner covers are great, heat evenly and can be cleaned in the DW if one wants to (I just hand wash them). The continuous grates are very nice to have so as to avoid dangerous spills.

It's a fine cooktop with ample BTU capability for us and we chef it up some.

Good luck, cooks.

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Sorry, I forgot the customer service part. When I first bought this cooktop (I think mine is still available btw), Dacor cooktops were relatively new. The local company reps did come to look at it, as I was fussing about something I didn't like (sorry I can't recall the details). They switched it out for a new one which was very kind of them. The cooktop has worked and looked absolutely fine with frequent, four burner use since that day ten years ago or more.

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We've had a 36" Dacor Epicure gas cooktop for nearly 7 years and absolutely love it. We have the pop up vent with a remote blower motor. After a few months one of the igniters started clicking and when I called Dacor they sent 6 new ones and had a factory authorized tech replace them without charge. It's worked flawlessly since.

We also had an Epicure double wall oven that developed excessive moisture between the glass. Dacor replaced the glass pack and when that didn't solve the problem they offered to either buy back the ovens or replace them with the new Millennium model which was much more expensive. I don't think this is an everyday event but the CR rep told me that they were aware that several ovens had this problem and Dacor replaced them or bought them back.

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My experience with them, on a corporate level four years ago, was very dismal but eventually they did buy my appliances back when they could not get them to work after 7 mos. There was another guy on this forum with issues similar to mine that they treated well. So service may depend on how close you are to them. If you have issues with them get everything documented and hold them to every promise. If you search on this forum you may get further feedback and if you go that route, lets us know how your cooktop is. I would feel a little better buying a cooktop than an oven but even on my range (ER36D) the knobs were flimsy plastic and one broke after a few months.

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Thank you all for detailed responses-what would we all do without GW?
I do not believe there is a perfect manufacturer no matter how much research I do there are always bad reviews.
Also-I am trying to update an older kitchen-not demolish.
Difficult maybe impossible-but your responses have helped me greatly!

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