vacuum for oriental rugs

margaret21638July 5, 2012

I have a semi-antique oriental and 2 golden retrievers. My Dyson is wearing the pile severely with the beater bar but using the floor setting which doesn't use the beater, I can't get the dog hair up. Can anyone suggest another vacuum. I've also tried Oreck which has a softer beater but it also wears the rug.

Thanks for your help.


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There are other options for your situation.

One is to purchase a rug tool for your Dyson. I have no idea which model you have. Find your model, then look for a rug tool for it. If you have carpeting throughout the house, but only have the one oriental rug, you can use the rug tool for the one rug. It will not damage the rug.

You could also find a regular rug attachment on a suction-only canister vacuum cleaner. There is no revolving brush to possibly cause damage to rugs. There are some quality canister vacuum cleaners out there, which are suction-only. If that is not enough, there is also another configuration for a suction-only canister.

You could purchase a turbo brush rug attachment, which uses the suction-only vacuum's suction to turn a turbo fan, which turns a brushroll. The brushroll will be weaker than an electrically powered power nozzle or upright vacuum cleaner, so it will not cause damage to your rug. This attachment should be easier to use on your rug than a regular rug attachment. There should be no bending, which most often comes with using a regular rug attachment. The most common and inexpensive turbo attachment would be a Wessel-Werk. If you look hard enough, you should find one for around $40.

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I have pets and oriental rugs, and have always used an inexpensive canister (Eurkea Mighty Mite) with the brush attachment. Pet hair comes off well, and no damage.

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Whatever you do, don't use heavy suction on an Oriental Rug. I had a beautiful hand-knotted Oriental wool rug in my dining room. I also had a bad-shedding dog. And two little kids, one with asthma. I vacuumed frequently. I was often getting the fringe caught in the vacuum. Then I noticed tufts of yarn being pulled out. I lowered the suction control but the threads kept pulling out. It eventually was so "bald" I rolled the carpet up and threw it away. The vacuum went next!

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