auto reignite and hot burner indicator on gas cooktop

BergsApril 23, 2012

I am not sure how important these two features are. What would cause a flame to go out in the first place? A strong breeze is all that comes to mind, in which case, one could turn the knob back to lite. A gas burner cools quicker than electric, so maybe the indicator is unimportant as well. Thoughts?

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Not sure about the hot burner indicator to be honest, but other things that can cause a burner to go out are boil overs. And if you are not there to see it then gas will still be coming out of the unit with no flame, could be very dangerous depending on how long that is going on for.

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I believe that all recent residential ranges have either an automatic re-ignition, or an automatic gas shut off if the top burner flames go out.

Older range tops and many commercial ranges may have 'standing pilots' that even tho' they are hidden under the cooktop surface, can still sometimes go out. If the knob is turned on and left on, it can be very dangerous.

I have even seen an elderly person bump a knob to a burner, and the pilot had blown out. The apartment filled with gas before he was aware of it or where it was coming from. Luckily he called someone who came in and opened the windows and turned off the gas.

Not many residential gas ranges have indicator lights for the top burners- a few do. Most have a light to let you know the oven gas is on.

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I am deciding between a KA and Elux cooktop. The KA (KFGS366VSS) has the auto re-ignite and surprisingly the Elux (EW36GC55GS) does not. For another $450 I can buy a KA that also has a hot burner indicator light (not)!

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Personally, I think the auto reignite function is a lot more useful than the hot burner indicator. Working in the kitchen, you should always assume burners are or might be hot. I always test the burner by holding my hand over it before placing anything I don't plan to heat on it. Of course I look to make sure it's not actually on at the time.

The auto re-ignition is important because if you are simmering or cooking rice, you are likely not standing by the range to notice. Plus, since you use low flame in these cases, the chance of the flame being blown out by a breeze is more likely.

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I think the Elux also has auto re-ignition. I don't know why you think it doesn't. It would be extremely rare for any residential range not to have it.

Some of the Italian ranges might have thermo-piles that shut the gas off when the flame goes out. Like maybe the Berta. But the Elux has electronic ignition.

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I called Elux twice and was told there is no flame failure feature (either auto re-ignite or auto cut-off). I m surprised, and am going with the KA I guess.

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alexr and Bergs-it may depend on the specific Elux model whether electric ignition alone or with auto re-ignite is present.

Please see Mama23E's current thread on two similar Elux rangetop models and link to their specs on this matter. It would be helpful if this was more clear under the Elux general spec list, yet I don't think electric ignition is synonymous with auto re-ignite.

Maybe others will help clarify this important point.

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This Elux model does have electronic ignite just no auto re-ignite (this is per Chris Polk also).

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Bergs, yes, did Mr. Polk comment if the burner automatically shuts down the burner's gas if the flame is extinguished by boil over etc? You need some safety feature to kick in. Otherwise, I'd look for a model which has auto re-ignite. I notice its value regularly.

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He/she only said it doesn't have a flame sensor, and it will not auto re-ignite if flame goes out. I didn't think to ask about auto cut-off of gas (another flame failure feature I read about).

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