Getting Rid of Dust Mites - Borax - Need Quick Answer

rachelrachelJuly 22, 2008

My friend thinks this house is over-run with dust mites and he feels itchy whenever he goes into certain rooms.

I have just been de-flea'ing my carpeted house with vacuming well, Borax powder, and a flea killer/pyretherins spray on the edges.

Would this treatment remove dust mites if he treated his house the same?

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I meant to write HIS house not this house

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I don't think so. Most treatments for reducing dust mites involve washing the items in hot water or sealing up mattresses and pillows with casings.

The companies that sell steam cleaners suggest using them to kill dust mites. That might be an option for him for sofas and chairs.

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I would spray with Bissell Allergen or something like that.
I do wash bedspreads and sheets and pillows with Borax.

Read about it here


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I'd buy an inexpensive garden sprayer and dissolve the Dust Mite and Flea Control powder from National Allergy (link below), then spray every inch of carpet and upholstery in the house. It's safe and it lasts for months.

I don't like to spray pyrethrins in the house, and the Ecology Works solution dries to a powder that doesn't puff up and irritate my lungs when it dries. (I have asthma, and this is not troublesome for asthmatics.)

Since I've been using Frontline on my dogs, we've had no problems with fleas or ticks. It's a miracle!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dustmite And Flea Control by The Ecology Works

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HELP! I vacum 3-4 times a week wash my linens weekly yet am being taken over by mites. Is there a safe for pets product I can buy in a local store or garden center?


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