vaccuming under large bedroom furniture

jpass987July 30, 2013

We have a very large bedroom furniture and it is nearly impossible to move it. So we do not vaccum under the bed and that is causing dust allergies.
I thought if I buy a robotic vaccum it can easily go under the bed and can vaccum it. I was researching to buy a roomba or similar vaccum cleaner but found that
a lot of people are not happy with them. I would like to find an alternate solution and would like to find how people are dealing with such situation.

Thanks a lot in advance

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would furniture sliders under the bed work to make it easier to move?

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What kind of vacuum cleaner do you have? Sometimes you can buy an attachment that fits under a bed.

Otherwise, buy an inexpensive canister vacuum.

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If the bed does not have a foot board, slide the box spring and mattress halfway off the end of the frame and let rest on a stool or something. Stand inside bed frame and vacuum with upright or canister cleaner both directions.

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Thanks for suggesting Canister Vaccums. Did not know that canister vaccums can be used for this purpose. So far we are using basic broom to clean our hardwood floor. Thinking of buying "Miele s2121 Olympus" vaccum and use it for carpet, hardwood, under the bed, bathrooms etc. The vaccum is pretty expensive but it has very good reviews. Any other canister vaccum suggestions??

Thanks a lot.

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So It is hardwood floor under your bed? How about just using a dust mop? Maybe sprayed with a little Endust or Pledge

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I agree with the above poster.. if your floor is wood use a dust mop or a Swiffer duster, they lay pretty flat and work great.....You could also so to speak "mop" it afterwards. Just take a washcloth wet with some dawn dish soap and hot water, put it on the Swiffer and mop under the bed.

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I have a Kenmore top of the line canister - love it. I can easily vacuum under my king size bed since the vacuum head is low enough to fit underneath and the handle drops down flat.

When I don't feel like carrying my vacuum up to the 2nd floor I use my Roomba. I turn it on, shut the door and let it go. It also does a good job under the bed.

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