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abfabamyApril 29, 2013

In our newly remodeled guess bath, the only location to secure a toilet paper holder would be the side of our new vanity. I hate the idea, but I'm not sure why, just seems so defacing! LOL

The only other alternative I can think of is to have a free standing one. They seem so flimsy, like they would knock over easy, or not hold still when trying to roll off some T.P. For those of you that have them, how different is it then a wall mounted one?

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I just bought a short free standing TP holder for the counter top. I haven't received it yet. I am really hoping I like it as well as I liked the function of my paper towel holder that I was using. My bathroom set up remodel was ill planned for TP holder, my issue that I couldn't get figured out, so gave up. I just posted this on the other thread about TP and the dog. But you can see that my counter on the right is a pretty good location for my short stand. To the other side of the toilet I put the holder in the side of the cupboard. I knew it would be a difficult reach but wanted to try it first. I hate the location. The counter the right also has a pull out that conveniently houses personal hygiene supplies. I love the location of that roll out. In fact, I will plan something similar to this with the next remodel. But with the next remodel there will be a TP holder spot on the wall in a functional location, but I don't know where to put the towel bars :/

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I have had a free standing one in my powder room for years now and it works fine. I don't think it is flimsy and you can always hold it with your left hand while you tear the tp if you needed to. Mine is a pretty inexpensive one because I bought it with the intention to replace it later with a wall mounted one. I bought a wall mount, but we've never installed it. My choices were either the side of the vanity or on the bead board wainscoting and I couldn't bring myself to make holes in either yet so I understand your reservations. I know there are even nicer more substantial free standing ones than what I have.

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Thank you both for the input! I guess I could buy an inexpensive one to try for the time being. Maybe when the newness of the remodel wears off I won't feel so hesitant to drill holes into my vanity.

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I have one in my powder room and it has never tipped or fallen over that I know of. The bases are usually weighted and TP doesn't take a lot of pull to tear. The only issue I have is that one person keeps moving it. THAT annoys me. ;-)

I did try one in my master bath and the space is just a few inches narrower. It doesn't really work as well in there. You do need a little more width to not have it hit you.

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I use one in the full bath. TP was previously wall mounted behind the toilet next to the shower. Yes, BEHIND the toilet. I hated it so much I kept a loose roll on the vanity to use.

I didn't want to put a holder in the side of the vanity because it might interfere with the drawers. Plus there is not a lot of room, just barely meets code so a bit cozy.

I got a freestanding holder. It works well, has never tipped, and can be easily moved if needed. It is a simple one, just a holder at the top for a roll, no fancy storage or magazine rack. I used my hot glue gun to attach a piece of felt to the bottom (it was a nice looking, yet cheap model) to make sure it doesn't wear the tile over time.

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I had one for 6 years in the master bathroom of my last house and 1 year here, and loved them both. I purchased mine from cheap chain stores and they worked great. I just tested them in the store to make sure they were level and didn't wobble!

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Thank you all for the reassurances. I will have to go to the store and check out the selection. Nice to know it doesn't have to be expensive to work well.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's all about the clearance that you have. With the minimum clearances of only a 30" alcove, a wall mount is much better. If you have a roomy toilet alcove, then you have room for something that takes up floor space.

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