Did you buy extra warranty for your appliances?

thedorkApril 18, 2013

I am getting the items below:

1) Bertazzoni 30" PRO304GASX
- range
2) Fisher Paykel fridge RF170ADX1
- no water, no ice maker - basic
3) Zephyr Anzio - hood
4) Miele Crystal DW
5) GE 12'' microwave

What your thoughts are? Should I pay extra money for a warranty for at least the Berta and F&P?

Thank you!

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This isn't something I usually do. I'm the sort of person that only carries liability insurance (no collision) on my cars. However, given the widespread repairs reported on modern appliances, I opted to spend $179 at Lowes, which covered 4 additional years (five total) on my LG fridge and my FisherPaykel dishwasher drawers.

When I bought my induction range from AJ Madison, they threw in their 3 year (additional 2) warranty for free.

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One big problem with extended warranties is that you may be locked into a particularly bad service company. Better to save the money and hire a good repair service if necessary.

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Thank you both! Great tips!

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I would not pay for extended warranties. However, I have used free extended warranties as bargaining chips in securing my business. I obtained an extra year of warranty for example on my Wolf range to purchase it from a particular vendor. They were offering me the unit at the same price as another vendor, so the tie went to the business that would sweeten the deal another way.

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I usually decline extended warranties for anything, but DH insisted on getting them for our DCS range and Meile DW 4+ years ago. The service on the Meile (through Meile Canada) has been horrible - took almost 4 weeks to get a part to fix the %%^** thing. The warranty on the range was through the dealer, and I got a new oven igniter the NEXT DAY!

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